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Old Bill's Fun Run
Old Bill’s Fun Run is a local fundraising event for charities sponsored by the Community Foundation of in Jackson Hole. All donations made to Wyoming Stargazing through the Community Foundation from July 4th through September 12th will be matched by the Community Foundation by a percentage dependent upon the [...]
Mon, Jul 14, 2014
Parkway 2014
Last week Wyoming stargazing hosted two stargazing events for about 30 students from Parkway Middle School who were visiting the Teton Science Schools’ Kelly Campus.   The first program, which was held on Tuesday evening, ended at 9:30pm because the students needed get back to bed after a long day.  After [...]
Fri, Jun 06, 2014
Rick's winnings
Even though summer isn’t officially here for another couple of weeks, it sure has felt like summer here in Jackson. So, Wyoming Stargazing kicked off our Summer Session of Stargazing at Stilson this past Wednesday by holding two raffles to win a 6″ Donsobian telescope and a first generation iPad. [...]
Fri, Jun 06, 2014

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