Jackson Hole Observatory on Snow King

Jackson Hole is getting two observatories! To find out what’s happening with the observatory status, check out this blog post.

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Another Blood Moon This Month

Another Blood Moon This Month

When will it happen? September 27th at approximately 8pm will mark the fourth and final blood m[...]

Save Our Night Skies

Light pollution in Jackson has become a problem for the health and safety of people and wildlife, not to mention its draining effects on our economy and our ability to enjoy dark night skies. Many other cities around the globe are capitalizing on promoting their efforts to restore their night skies. We can do that too! Wyoming Stargazing is embarking on a campaign to Save Our Night Skies in Jackson and we need your help.

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Light Pollution from Glare

2017 Solar Eclipse

Find out everything you need to know for the upcoming 2017 total solar eclipse. Most importantly, the eclipse will pass right over Jackson Hole!

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