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2017 Total Solar Eclipse over Jackson, Wyoming

Eclipse Countdown!


Basic Info About the 2017 Solar Eclipse

“Film eclipse soleil 1999”. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

At about 10:17am directly above Jackson, Wyoming on Monday, August 21st, 2017 a total solar eclipse will begin. The first 1 hour and 18 minutes or so will just be a partial eclipse. Then, at approximately 11:35am the Moon will pass directly in front of the Sun blocking out the majority of the Sun’s light. For the following 2 minutes and several seconds–the exact duration depends on your exact location–the Sun’s corona will be visible as pictured above in the center image of the 1999 eclipse. After that the Sun will be partially eclipsed until about 1pm Mountain Standard Time.

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If you’re on the go you can get the TravelStory app, the mobile app that turns your cell phone into a tour guide. Download the app for free in the Google Play store or Apple Store or visit www.travelstorys.com for more stories and information. Below are the recordings that our Executive Director, Samuel Singer, helped out with for the upcoming eclipse:

Eclipse Fundraising Events with Wyoming Stargazing!

Our main event on the morning of the eclipse, Monday, August 21st, is SOLD OUT, but you can still celebrate in style with Wyoming Stargazing at our Pre-Eclipse Fundraising Event on Saturday night before the eclipse.

See below for details or purchase your tickets now by clicking here!

Other Cool Things To Do During Eclipse Week

Where Else to Go to Watch the Eclipse

The line of totality of the eclipse goes right through Grand Teton National Park and neighboring Teton Valley. As you will be able to see on the image below, the Jackson Hole Airport is situated right along the line of totality. However, the duration of totality will only vary by a few seconds from anywhere in the valley. While there are several pull-outs to park in along Highway 26/191/89, the Inner Park Loop, Gros Ventre Road, and Antelope Flats Road that would work well for viewing and taking pictures of the eclipse, those pull-outs will likely fill up fast on the morning of the eclipse. Plan on getting there early! There are also plenty of public parks in downtown Jackson that will work well for viewing and photographing the eclipse.

Another amazing opportunity to watch the eclipse is from a high vantage point. By climbing one of the many peaks in Jackson Hole including, but not limited to: Snow King Mountain, Jackson Peak, Sheep Mountain, Mount Glory, Static Peak, or various other peaks in the Tetons you will have the opportunity to see the shadow cone of the Moon racing towards you from the West just before the moment of totality. We we be supporting a private eclipse party at Spring Creek Ranch. While you won’t get access to our special event on the summit of Snow King, another option is to purchase tickets for the chairlift on Snow King Mountain.


If you are planning on staying in Jackson Hole for the 2017 solar eclipse, please note that almost every room in Jackson Hole is already booked. There may be lodging available in neighboring communities including: Driggs, Victor, Idaho Falls, Rexburg, Afton, and Alpine. Camping is also an option in Grand Teton National Park and in the surrounding National Forests, but except for group sites, it is first come first serve. Here are a few other options for those of you planning on camping and/or traveling with RVs in Jackson Hole and the surrounding area.

CLICK HERE to find hotels that have reported that they have vacancies between Tuesday, August 15 and Friday, August 25.

CLICK HERE for a list of rental properties that are available between Tuesday, August 15 and Friday, August 25.

If you would like to add your rental property to our online list please fill out this Eclipse Lodging Form.

Wyoming Stargazing Public Events for the Eclipse

Wyoming Stargazing will be co-hosting a public eclipse event at the base of Snow King Mountain in Jackson. We’ll have solar glasses for purchase, a telescope with a white light solar filter and a hydrogen alpha telescope to give you incredible views of the Sun’s corona and flares during the total eclipse. On Friday, August 18th from 9-11pm we will host our Free Public Stargazing Program at Rendezvous Park. On Saturday, August 19th we’ll be out at the Jackson Hole Farmer’s Market on the Jackson Town Square from 8am-1pm with FREE COFFEE and our solar telescopes.

You can also look at the Official Town of Jackson and Teton County Eclipse Website for other eclipse events and for tons of information.

Thanks so much to Compunet for getting us exclusive Ethernet and WiFi on the summit of Snow King for the morning of the eclipse!

2017 Solar Eclipse FAQs

What’s The Big Deal?

How can I view the eclipse safely on my own?

2017 Jackson Hole Eclipse Solar Glasses

By using a pair of our custom-made solar eclipse glasses! Order as many pairs as you want here. They’ll protect your eyes from the Sun’s harmful radiation before and after totality. During totality (and ONLY during totality), when the Sun is obscured 100%, you’ll want to view the event without a filter.

Is there one book that contains everything I need to know about the eclipse?

This is the book for you! Aaron did an outstanding job in creating this complete guide to experiencing the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse from Jackson, Wyoming. It contains information about photographing the eclipse with the Tetons in the foreground, lots of great details about Jackson Hole, and a great background on what eclipses are all about. Buy a copy with your purchase of a pair of solar eclipse glasses and save!

What’s the difference between Jackson and Jackson Hole?

The town of Jackson, Wyoming is located in the southern end of a large valley called Jackson Hole. There is no such town as Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Grand Teton National Park encompasses much of the Jackson Hole Valley.

Will the eclipse pass over the town of Jackson or Grand Teton National Park?

Both! While the eclipse will be easily visible from town, many people will be heading into Grand Teton National Park for higher ground to see the Moon’s shadow cone.

Where can I make reservations for places to stay?

Lodging availability has become limited.

CLICK HERE to find hotels that have reported that they have vacancies between Tuesday, August 15 and Friday, August 25.

CLICK HERE for a list of rental properties that are available between Tuesday, August 15 and Friday, August 25.

If you would like to add your rental property to our online list please fill out this Eclipse Lodging Form.


Grand Teton National Park and the Bridger-Teton National Forest also have campgrounds throughout the area, but only on a first-come, first-served basis. We recommend having something lined up in advance, since campgrounds will fill up quickly.

Looking for an incredible back country eclipse experience? Book an exclusive, private pack trip with the family-owned Gros Ventre Outfitters! Ride on horseback 9 miles into the Gros Ventre Wilderness to private sleeping cabins owned by the Taylors. The dates for their trip are August 19th-22nd. Contact Brian and Amy at 307-733-7715 or 307-690-3046 to book!

Where can I make reservations for a rental car?

Thrifty and Dollar have bumped up their advanced booking time so you can make reservations now!

Will there be a free event with Wyoming Stargazing?

Yes! We are having a public event that will be free to attend. Please see “Wyoming Stargazing Public Event for the Eclipse” at the bottom of this page for more information.

Can I watch it by myself in Grand Teton National Park somewhere?

There are a number of side-roads and pullouts in Grand Teton National Park that will provide great vantage points. Since Grand Teton National Park only allows camping in designated campgrounds, these pullouts and roads should be open the morning of the eclipse, but expect them to fill up fast as the eclipse approaches, likely over capacity.

I want to photograph the eclipse. Will it be over the Teton Mountains?

The eclipse occurs in the middle of the day when the sun will be high in the southeastern sky, so without a very wide-angle lens, catching it over the Tetons will be very tricky. Photographing shadows near the eclipse’s totality often yields interesting results, though! Please remember that if you are going to photograph the eclipse to turn off your flash. The white light from the flash will affect everyone’s ability to view the corona during totality.

Does the 2017 solar eclipse pose any danger to us?

Only if the excitement is too much for you to contain! Please remember that the only time you can look directly at the Sun is during the 2 minutes of totality. The rest of the time you need to use an approved solar filter or solar glasses to protect your eyes.

More Information

2017 Solar Eclipse Animation

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