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Astronomy Presentations

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About Our Astronomy Presentations

Most of our astronomy presentations are conducted in the evening. However, if evenings don’t work for you, Wyoming Stargazing can offer day-time astronomy programs and lectures focused on the topic of your choosing. Whether it be an adult audience or a classroom of elementary school students, the educators at Wyoming Stargazing will wow them with the wonders of the Universe!

These programs include indoor lecture style programs, outdoor kinesthetic activities that engage the whole body, or solar astronomy programs during which we can show you sunspots, solar flares, solar filaments, and solar prominences!

Wyoming Stargazing also has an inflatable portable planetarium in which we can show you the motion of the stars throughout the night, the constellations, and the relative sizes of the planets. We can bring the planetarium to any large indoor space (16 ft high ceilings and 20’x20′ of floor space).

Please contact us via email at info@WyomingStargazing.org or by phone at 1-844-996-7827 to schedule a private astronomy presentation.

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