Tonight’s Weather Forecast

Standard Weather Forecast

Below is the local forecast from local meteorologist, Jim Woodmencey. This will give you a general idea of tonight’s conditions.

Northern Lights Forecast

Below is a graph that displays the probability of seeing northern light activity. If it gets above 6 on the graph (red bars) and is still that strong after sunset, we should see the auroras!

Jackson Weather Tips

The weather in Jackson during the summer time is very predictable. We typically get afternoon thunderstorms and cloudy afternoon weather. As the sky begins to get dark and the temperature begins to drop the clouds almost always dissipate, leaving incredibly clear skies for stargazing. Even if it’s still cloudy at 9pm there is a very good chance that by 10pm the skies will be perfectly clear.

In the winter, the weather is less predictable here. We get about 70% of our annual precipitation in the form of snow. The storms will come in when they will. We do our best to schedule programs around anticipated cloudy weather.

Public Program Weather Alerts

Please see the message below to make sure we haven’t canceled tonight’s program because of bad weather. If the message doesn’t display, please click on the RainedOut Widget below. If you want to subscribe for our program cancellation alerts please use the keyword “WYOSTAR” when you sign up on RainedOut.

Cloud Cover

This is what most astronomers use to forecast cloud cover. Dark Blue squares on the Cloud Cover line mean the skies are clear. White squares on the Cloud Cover line mean it’s cloudy.

Moon Phase

Current Moon Phase

Third Quarter Moon
Third Quarter Moon

The moon is currently in Capricorn
The moon is 20 days old