100 Days Until Totality! 21 Days Left – Contribute to Eclipse Science!

Ready to be fully apart of the most epic Astronomical phenomena of the year? Perfect! Because science needs your help!

NASA is encouraging eclipse watchers to record valuable data during totality with a simple app on a phone and an ordinary thermometer. In order for NASA scientists to further analyze eclipses, they are asking citizens to take data on temperature drops, wildlife reactions and cloud changes during totality. Bring your portable chargers and mobile hotspots galore and get ready to contribute to the needs of science for a day.

While using the app, it will guide you step by step what to do and when to collect data. The measurements taken will then go into a NASA database where it will be used by students and scientists that will study the affects of the eclipse on the globe. Couple your solar eclipse experience as an experiment and contribute to necessary research in the solar field. We’ll see you outside and ready to observe on August 21st!

Check here for more information and NASA GLOBE Observer app to download the app. Remember to bring a thermometer along!

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