100 Days Until Totality! 26 Days Left – Key Notes Pt. 1 from Teton National Park

The 2017 Total Solar Eclipse is a once-in-lifetime event for many visitors, as
well as for park employees, volunteers, partners and neighbors, and local
community members.

The day of the eclipse, August 21, is anticipated to be the busiest day in the
history of Grand Teton National Park.

Special viewing areas will be located at the Craig Thomas Discovery and
Visitor Center, Gros Ventre Campground, Jackson Lake Lodge and Colter
Bay, and along the Gros Ventre Road.

From Jacksonholetraveler.com

The Gros Ventre Road is located near the center path of the eclipse, known
as the path of totality, and is a designated viewing area. The road will be
one-way traffic eastbound from the junction with US Hwy 89 to the
community of Kelly, and parking will be allowed in the westbound lane.
The core Mormon Row Visitor District will be open to the public, and the
road will have limited parking and access.

Eclipse glasses are required to view the eclipse for the safety of your eyes.
Glasses are available for purchase at park visitor centers, and throughout
the community of Jackson. Cameras will require special filters to
photograph the eclipse.

Be prepared with food, drink and vehicle fully fueled. Access to food, drink
and gas within the park may be limited and congested. Remember, pack it
in and pack it out.

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