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The Jackson Hole Airport is just minutes from town and offers many direct and connecting flights provided by Delta, United, American, Frontier, and Skywest Airlines.

Check out the Jackson Hole Airport’s Solar Eclipse Guide here.

JAC General Aviation Eclipse Tips

Jackson Hole Airport: Eclipse FAQ

Will the airport be open on the day of the Eclipse?
Yes, the Jackson Hole Airport will remain operational during the eclipse for the traveling public.

Can I pay for parking and park to view the Eclipse from Airport Public Parking?
No, parking and terminal access will be restricted to people using the Airport for official business or to pick/up drop off customers for their flights.

Will my flight be impacted by the Eclipse?
The Airport may suspend airside operations for a half hour before totality and a half hour after totality. Impact to departure and arrival times for commercial aircraft should be minimal.

What if traffic congestion causes me to be late for my flight?
The Airport encourages everyone to arrive at the airport 2 hours before their flight time. Due to predicted congestion, we are suggesting visitors and locals to consider allowing additional time to travel to/from the Airport on the day of the Eclipse. Commercial aircraft will not be held for late passengers.

Any impacts if I am flying on a private aircraft?
We do expect a high traffic volume before and after the Eclipse and have limited ramp space. Please contact Jackson Hole Aviation as they have a reservation system in place for this period.

For additional questions, please contact Director of Operations, Dustin Havel by calling (307)-733-7695 or emailing dustin.havel@jhjairport.org

By Kathryn Brackenridge

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