For any of you umbraphiles that will be hiking out into the wilderness to view the eclipse it is important to know how to properly behave around wildlife here in Jackson.

While most people know that they have to be careful around bears it is truly important to be cautious around all the animals in this area. Just because an animal is a herbivore does not mean it is safe to approach. Moose, bison, elk, and even mule deer can be aggressive if they feel threatened. Getting too close to these animals (especially when they have young) can cause them to charge you. View the animals from a safe distance and try not to make loud noises and abrupt movements to view them safely.

Bear attacks typically occur when people accidentally walk up on a bear and surprise it. To avoid this it is important to remain alert and to make noise as you hike. Loud talking, singing, or shouting is your best bet. This is especially important in areas with dense foliage or loud rivers which will make it harder for a bear to see you. It is also advised that you should not hike alone. Hiking with other people will naturally help you make more noise and be more noticeable. Also, keep an eye out for scratched trees, scat, and bear foot prints. If you do have a close encounter with a bear it is imperative for you to stay calm, assess the situation, and ready your (unexpired) bear spray. Your bear spray should be kept on a holster on your hip so that it is easy to reach. If a bear does charge, deploy a cloud of the spray between you and the bear when it is about 30 to 60 feet away from you. Make sure to think about the direction that the wind is blowing when firing.

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