100 Days Until Totality! 32 Days Left – Frequently Asked Solar Eclipse Questions From Teton National Park

Q. How can you get the best view of the eclipse?

A. We encourage visitors to park along the Gros Ventre Road, on the south end of the park, located in
the path of totality. This area is being specifically staffed and managed for visitor parking and viewing of

Q. Where will the eclipse be visible?
A. A partial eclipse will be visible anywhere in the lower 48, with a narrow band of totality that will
stretch across the country, including across the southern end of Grand Teton National Park. The
location of the sun/eclipse on the morning of August 21 will be more in the southern sky and NOT over
the Tetons.

Q. Do I or my children need special glasses for viewing the eclipse?

A. We can’t stress this enough: everyone will need eclipse glasses in order to view the eclipse.
Sunglasses and welding glasses will not protect your eyes. A variety of viewing glasses are available
from Grand Teton Association, online or from their outlets in each park visitor center, as well as the
interagency visitor center in Jackson. Viewing glasses are also available from several vendors in the local

Q. Are pets allowed in the park?

A. Pets are allowed anywhere you can take a car. They are not allowed in buildings, on park trails, in
rivers or in lakes (except Jackson Lake). Pets must be kept on a leash (6 feet or less) at all times, and
within 30 feet of roadways.

Q. What is the diamond effect?

A. The diamond-ring effect occurs at the beginning and end of totality. It is a dwindling patch of bright
sunlight still visible as the sun disappears and the shadow of the moon makes its appearance, and as the
sun begins to reappear. It looks like a ring with glittering light or diamonds on it.

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