100 Days Until Totality! 34 Days Left – An Awesome Map for Eclipse Tracking

There is an interesting website called the 5000 Millennium Canon of Solar Eclipses made by the International Astronomical Union. The site has data for around 12,000 eclipses occurring from the 1999 BCE to 3000 CE. By putting in coordinates you can explore when solar eclipses have happened anywhere in the world in the past or find out if they will happen there in the future. The site makes a detailed map with Google Earth showing you the path of eclipses and can provide details such as the exact time of totality and the duration of totality based on your specific location. You can use this site to see when the next total solar eclipse will pass right over your house!

By clicking the button that says “find your coordinates on a map” you can zoom all the way in to your street and just click where your house is.

You can access the website here.

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