100 Days Until Totality! 35 Days Left – Carbondale’s Eclipse Jackpot

When talking about the likelihood of total solar eclipses, it can be a daunting time frame. The average time to wait for an eclipse to happen in the same spot is a whopping 360 years in between eclipses. For the town of Jackson, the next total solar eclipse succeeding this one, won’t even be for another 700 years in 2722!

The odds might seem low, but don’t lose hope. In fact, if you’re missing the coming eclipse, or you’re absolutely addicted to eclipse watching, we’ve got good news. Carbondale, Illinois just hit the jackpot for total solar eclipses! We talk a lot about the probability for seeing eclipses being pretty dismal, but Carbondale isn’t getting just one, but two solar eclipses, just seven years apart! On August 21st, 2017 the path of totality will stretch across the entirety of the U.S., including Carbondale. And what’s more, is a total solar eclipse will occur again on April 8th,2024 stretching from the Northeast quadrant of the U.S. and sweeping down into Texas. The lucky town of 26,000 has even christened their motto as the “Eclipse Crossroads of America” for the two striking events.

It’s been mentioned often about how much Jackson Hole has been preparing for one eclipse. Can you imagine what it must be like to prepare for two major eclipse events? The town of Carbondale has not backed down from the challenge. In fact, town organizers have been making preparations to broadcast totality to the entire country and share what’s usually a once-in-a-lifetime event. Perhaps they’re ok with sharing since they get two so close together! Whether you’re local or staying away from the crowds, be sure to check out the eclipse when it arrives this August.


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