100 Days Until Totality! 40 Days Left – Jackson Hole Climate

The summer months may bring sun, but there is more to the climate of Jackson Hole that you can expect on your eclipse trip. As you prepare for the Solar Eclipse, expect a few unique possibilities coming your way.

Almost for certain is that the Great American Eclipse will likely be a hot one! In Jackson, high average August temperatures reach around 80 degrees with the potential to be higher on the day of the eclipse. That is until totality, of course. During the 2 minutes and 15 seconds of totality, the temperature will drop quite noticeably, so you may want a jacket on hand if you are sensitive to the cold. Being amongst the Grand Teton Mountain range, Jackson Hole has an elevation of 6,200+ feet. As a result, the air here is quite dry with low humidity, and staying hydrated is a must. Jackson Hole also brings about thunderstorms and rainstorms often during the summer months. Be cautious and keep an umbrella or a raincoat in the car if you plan to be outside much of the time during your trip.

Image by Joyce and Mike Hendrix

Though Jackson Hole climate can be temperamental throughout the summer, you can certainly count on the mountain scene to be beautiful and awe-striking during your visit. Because of our area’s consistent summer sunshine and warm temperatures, folks have decided to travel here specifically, anticipating an incredible view of the eclipse. Along with the mountains, wildlife, and the National Parks, Jackson’s natural climate make it one of the best places to be!

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