100 Days Until Totality! 44 Days Left – Wildfire Safety

2016 “Berry Fire” in Grand Teton National Park

For guests visiting from all over the world it is important to realize that the ecosystem here in Jackson is very different from many other places. Our forests do not receive a lot of moisture and our air is of a very low humidity. These conditions allow for wildfires to spark easily and to burn extremely fast. The eclipse occurs in August which is prime fire season here. Usually forest fires are caused by lightning but with this many visitors who may not know the rules there is a potential for a human caused fire. Natural fires happen every year, but human caused fires are dangerous as it can be in unexpected areas and endanger thousands of acres of forests and people’s lives.

While you are here it is very important that you respect the rules. If there is a ban on fires currently in place it is there to protect you and our ecosystem. Do not throw out cigarette butts outside. If there is no fire ban and camp fires are allowed you must still practice good campfire safety to make sure that it does not ignite a wildfire. To find out all about campfire safety click here to be redirected to Smokey the Bear’s webpage.

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