100 Days Until Totality! 50 Days Left – Photography Part 3: To Get the Shot with the Grand Teton

Want to capture the eclipse and the Grand Teton in the same frame? It’s going to be tough, considering the Sun will be at an elevation of 50° above the horizon. With a wide enough angle lens, there are a few spots you can capture the Grand Teton in the same frame as the eclipse. One of the spots is at Lake Solitude. The hike to the lake is arduous, being 8 miles one way with 2,982 feet of vertical gain. However, it will be worth the effort if you have the endurance! With practice and precision, it’s possible to get the Grand, the eclipse, and a reflection of the eclipse in Lake Solitude. For more information about this hike, or to read about the other hikes in Grand Teton National Park that you can take to get the Grand and the eclipse in the same shot, visit our store to purchase Aaron Linsdau’s “Jackson Hole Total Eclipse Guide”.

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