100 Days Until Totality! 52 Days Left – Photography Part 1: To Watch or to Shoot?

Over the next three days we’ll be doing a three part series on photographing the Solar Eclipse!

Even for the experienced photographer, shooting a Total Solar Eclipse is a challenge. It takes months of practicing and perfecting the steps to make sure you get the perfect shot. If you’ve never experienced a Total Solar Eclipse before, it might be a good idea to just enjoy the event, and wait for the next eclipse to perfect your photography skills! If you’re an experienced photographer who has observed an eclipse before, but has never photographed it, give it a shot! You’re going to need to practice a lot before August to get it right. But first, make sure you have the proper solar filter for your camera. See our blog post from yesterday to find out where to buy one! And remember – the filter must be attached to the end of the telescope or lens! You’re going to want to use a telephoto lens of at least 300 mm, but no more than 1000 mm. Usually, lenses over 1000 mm are telescopes! Tomorrow we’ll talk about the ideal settings for your camera.