100 Days Until Totality! 53 Days Left – Protecting Your Telescope and Your Camera

Thinking about photographing the eclipse, or possibly observing it with a telescope? You probably already have enough gear to get some decent photos! The most important new piece of equipment you’re going to need to buy is a solar filter. Solar filters are absolutely necessary for solar photography and solar astronomy. Without a filter to block the dangerous solar radiation, your eyeballs and your camera will sustain serious damage. You must make sure that there is no chance anyone could look through your equipment without a filter on. Oh, and also: DO NOT USE A FLASH ON YOUR CAMERA OR SMART PHONE! During totality, our eyes will adapt to the darkening skies. The white light from a flash will disrupt you (and your friend’s) pupil dilation, and will ruin their ability to see the corona.

To purchase solar filters for your camera or telescope, visit Thousand Oaks Optical. Order soon, as supplies are limited!

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