100 Days Until Totality! – 8 Days Left – Tips for Businesses from Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce

As locals may already know, Teton Eclipse is dedicated to coordinating a safe and enjoyable time for residents and visitors during the days surrounding the eclipse. Civil duty and deliverance of the core mission to streamline emergency and community service functions for less impact from the anticipated surge of visitors means the focus really is on safety. Consult County/Town Eclipse Business Engagement Policy here.

Thankfully, the Town and County have a wonderful partner in servicing the business community during this once-in-a-lifetime circumstance. The Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce has hosted several eclipse-focused events, supported via incredible staff and served as an integral partner in providing accurate and up-to-date lodging availability information.

Teton Eclipse and the core planning team is grateful for their categorical service and leadership. Check the great post Last Minute Tips for Businesses Before the Total Solar Eclipse.

From Tetoneclipse.com
BY Kathryn Brackenridge

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