100 Days Until Totality Blog Series Launch!

Welcome to Wyoming Stargazing’s 100 Days Until Totality Blog Series! Today marks 100 days until the “Great American Eclipse”. We hope you are as excited about this summer’s eclipse as we are.

Each day for the next 100 days we will post a small and digestible amount of information about the upcoming total solar eclipse on August 21st. We’re going to try to make the information as helpful and as understandable to as broad of an audience as possible. If you ever want more information about any of the topics we cover just click on the hyperlinks that we will include in each post.

We’ll begin with some scientific background information on the Sun and the Moon because this is a great opportunity to learn a little bit more about two of the three celestial objects that make total solar eclipses possible. After a week or so of scientific information on eclipses, we’ll move on to some fascinating world history about eclipses, including some information about the last Great Wyoming Eclipse of 1878. Once we’ve brought you back into the 21st century, we’ll go over some important safety information and regional tips for the eclipse here in Jackson and across the US. There are lots of things you can do to get ready in order to experience this once-in-several-lifetimes event to it’s fullest! In additional to all that, we’ll give you some tips of photographing the eclipse and some other fun facts that we just couldn’t resist.

We hope that you’ll join us as we (impatiently) count down to totality!

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