100 Days Until Totality Blog! 98 Days Left – Why is the solar eclipse in August such a big deal?

Credit: Great American Eclipse https://www.greatamericaneclipse.com

This eclipse is the first solar eclipse in the continental U.S. in 38 years. The last one occurred on February 26, 1979. It only barely passed through five states in the Northwest, and the weather was mostly cloudy. This year, everyone in the continental U.S. will see a partial eclipse. The path of totality passes through 10 states: Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina. On the map to the right you can see how the eclipse will be seen from the rest of the country.

If you’ve got any family or friends who won’t be in Jackson during the eclipse, show them this map so they can still see an awesome partial eclipse! Just remember that you will need eye protection no matter where you are to view the eclipse safely. Solar eclipse shades can be purchased here on our website at the link below this post. People who are lucky enough to find themselves on the path of totality will be able to see the eclipse briefly at its peak when the Sun has been fully covered up. The amount of time where it is safe to look varies on your location. In Jackson we will have a little over 2 minutes to view the eclipse safely with the naked eye. Later on in our blog we will discuss other safe ways to view the eclipse.

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