100 Days Until Totality Blog! 96 Days Left – What Will You See During Totality?

Credit: Takeshi Kuboki https://www.flickr.com/people/40802894@N02?rb=1
Credit: University of Rochester Physics and Astronomy Dept. http://www.pas.rochester.edu

Seeing the Moon pass in front of the Sun is not all there is to a solar eclipse! When the eclipse begins, the disc of the Moon will start to pass in front of the Sun and it will start to get darker. Eventually it will be almost as dark as night with stars visible in the sky in the middle of the day. This provides a unique chance for us to see constellations and celestial bodies we normally would not be able to see during this time of year. This will be a pretty awe inspiring sight, so there’s a reason ancient people used to see eclipses as acts of gods or demons!

With the majority of the Sun’s light blocked out, parts of the sun and interesting phenomena will also become visible. We will be able to see parts of the Sun known as the chromosphere, and the corona that we normally are not able to see. If we are lucky we may also be able to see some interesting effects during totality such as Baley’s Beads and the diamond ring effect. Below are some examples of these amazing sights. As our blog progresses we will explain the science behind these interesting features of the eclipse

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