The 2017 Solar Eclipse Across America will be visible on August 21, 2017 across the continental United States. The center-line of the solar eclipse will pass through the Jackson Hole valley, placing it in the path of totality.

Visitation to the area is expected to be record-setting for single day visitation. Area lodging is already booked, and few, if any, campsites will be available on the day of the eclipse.

During the eclipse, visitors are asked to ensure a successful day by respecting area resources, respecting private property and all signage, following all temporary routes and restrictions, packing out all litter, and prioritizing safety for people, wildlife, and habitat.

Refuge Specific Regulations

It will be business as usual during the eclipse, with the same regulations in effect during the period preceding, during, and after the eclipse. The only change in regulations will be the closure of fishing access on August 21 only.

Note the following year-round regulations that will also be in place during the eclipse:

National Elk Refuge access is restricted to open public roads and trails designated as “authorized routes.” All other foot, vehicle, bicycle, and horse travel is prohibited. This includes travel between the Refuge and adjacent National Forest lands. You must be on an authorized route at all times while within the Refuge boundary.

Visitor use is not allowed on the Refuge between legal sunset and sunrise, other than vehicle traffic on the road to a designated location. Overnight parking on the Refuge Road is not allowed.

More information on Refuge access routes and restrictions can be found on the Rules and Regulations tab of the National Elk Refuge web site.

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