100 Days Until Totality! 12 Days Left – Teton Total Solar Eclipse Survival Guide – Available August 16 -21 from TetonEclipse.com

100 Days Until Totality! 12 Days Left – Teton Total Solar Eclipse Survival Guide – Available August 16 -21 from TetonEclipse.com

A brief shot of the cover of the Teton Total Solar Eclipse Survival Guide.

Who: Town of Jackson and Teton County, Wyoming with key agency partners in the eclipse planning effort.

What: A pocket-sized, quick reference resource covering the essentials for safely navigating the Jackson and Teton eclipse in accordance with official plans put forth by emergency planners, local elected officials and public land managers.

Where: Available at locations throughout the Town of Jackson and Town Hall including designated official eclipse information points in/around Jackson’s Town Square.

When: August 16-21 – or until they run out. But a full, downloadable, printable version will be available here in just a few days.

How: How you you get one? Make plans to pick up at one of four main distribution points in Town by August 17.

Why: Because we want people to get accurate information in the palm of their hand – the old fashioned way!


100 Days Until Totality! 13 Days Left – Tips for Visitors from TetonEclipse.com

Teton County’s resident population of approximately 23,000 is expected to swell well beyond even our typical busy tourist season numbers during the impact period. It is best to arrive early, come prepared, and have reasonable expectations, given the situation. Once the eclipse begins, you will forget all about the crowds and any small inconveniences it took for you to experience this wondrous event! Lodging accommodations are limited. Hotels, camping and RV camping are near capacity. Visitors may need to look outside of Jackson and Teton County for accommodations. Be sure to have you accommodations arranged prior to arrival. The mountains of Wyoming are beautiful, but keep local hazards in mind. Important hazards to be aware of:

• Wildfires – Mid-August is prime wildfire season in Teton County, Wy. Do not park vehicles with hot catalytic converters over grasses that can easily catch fire. If you have a campfire, follow these tips to do it safely https://smokeybear.com/en/prevention-how-tos/campfire-safety. If you see a suspected wildfire, report it to our wildfire dispatch center at 307-739-3630.

• Wildlife – One of the primary attractions of Teton County is our abundant wildlife, including deer, elk, moose, pronghorn, antelope, black bears, and grizzly bears. Keep your speeds down on our roads, especially at night. Keep a clean campsite. Jackson is in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, wildlife is abundant. Keep your food properly stored at all times to avoid wildlife encounters with bears, ravens, foxes, and other animals. We don’t want to make easy opportunities for wildlife to become accustom to people. Familiarize yourself with the proper food storage requirements for each area you are visiting (https://www.nps.gov/grte/planyourvisit/bearsafety.htm). If you are going to hike in Teton County, be sure to carry bear spray and know how to use it.

• Elevation – Jackson, WY is at 6,200 feet, with many hiking routes and mountain passes well above 8,000 feet. Know your limitations, and do not overexert yourself. Be familiar with the signs of altitude sickness https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/page/travel-to-high-altitudes. Also, be aware that dehydration can set in quickly in our thin, dry air, so drink plenty of fluids even if you aren’t being active.

While Visiting During the Eclipse Impact Days:

• Do not think, “We’ll just pick up what we need when we get there.” Supplies, cash, fuel and restaurant meals may be limited or have long lines due to high demand.

• Think about your personal safety and security:
o Have an effective communication plan with your family members. Cell service may be limited due to the increased volume. Have an out of area friends or family member you can check in with if you get separated. Pick a landmark where you can reunite if you get separated in a crowd.
o Do not leave valuables in your vehicles. Think through your security plan and hot to keep important items secure, i.e., cell phones, telescopes, binoculars, wallets, etc.

• Make sure your vehicle/RV has been serviced and you are all fueled up and ready to go (gas, propane, etc.)
• RV dump stations will be limited and overtaxed in our area. Come empty and leave full.

100 Days Until Totality! 14 Days Left – Tips for Residents from TetonEclipse.com

Eclipse Begins
Monday, August 21, 2017, at 10:16am

Anticipated Community Impact Days:Thursday, 08/17 – Tuesday, 08/22

•Area roadways will likely be congested and regular routes are subject to temporary restrictions, visit www.wyoroad.info for additional information; traffic signs will provide up-to-date information on specific roadways.

•Be prepared for heavy bicycle traffic. Please remember to share the roads, trails, and pathways and be courteous to other users, including any emergency vehicles that may be using pathways for emergency response.

•Things to consider doing in advance to make life a little easier during the busiest and heaviest congestion periods:

o Medical Care:
The hospital and urgent care facilities are increasing staffing in anticipation of heavier than normal walk and emergency visits. Fill your medical prescriptions in advance and have an extra supply of any critical medications. Emergency response times are likely to be effected, so please be prepared.

o Errands & Appointments:
Schedule your errands and appointments early, before Thursday the 17th if possible. Check ahead if you have plans for Monday the 21st; some services may be closed or have limited hours during this time. Make plans and dining reservations in advance.

o Supplies:
Overall, supplies may be limited due to the high demand; which may mean the items you want are not available during the impact days. If there is something important you want, get it early, especially basic supplies like water, groceries, etc. If you are camping, plan ahead for equipment and supply needs.

o Gas:
If you normally fill up your gas tank Friday – Monday, be sure to do that task early, before Thursday, August 17th
. If you own a generator, make sure it is functional and ready for use.

o Cash:
If you regularly use cash or want some on hand, consider visiting your local bank or ATM before Thursday, August 17th

•Cellular Service & 911:
With the increased number of visitors, local public safety officials anticipate cellular service may become overwhelmed (primarily Monday the 21st) or have limited access during the impact days. Consider these ideas to assist with communications during this time:

o Develop a communication plan with family and friends if you lose or have limited service.

o If you only have a mobile phone at home find out which of your neighbors have a land-line number in case you need to call 911 for an emergency.

o If you are unable to make a voice phone call you can text to 9-1-1: ! Simply text the number 911 and in the message include your location, the nature of your emergency, and if you need police, fire, medical or search and rescue. Do not use abbreviations. Be prepared for a delayed response.

100 Days Until Totality! 15 Days Left – Animal Preparedness from TetonEclipse.com

Pet Safety Tips

•Make sure pets are kept safely inside or in a secure fenced area. When they are outside, keep them on a leash.

•Many areas such as Town of Jackson / Teton County parks do not allow pets in the parks. Grand Teton
National Park has special rules and regulations regarding pets that owners must be familiar with https://www.nps.gov/grte/planyourvisit/pets.htm.

•Have a picture of you with your pet to help aid in reunification should your pet get picked up by animal

•Have a collar and ID tags on your pet with current contact information. If you have your pet microchipped,
make sure that the information is up to date.

•If you have lost a pet or found one, you can call the animal shelter at 307-733-2139. If it is after hours, you can call the Sheriff’s Office Dispatch non-emergency number at 307-733-2331.

•The Jackson Hole Pet Lost and Found group on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/996781900388018/ is an active group and can also help to quickly reunite you with your pet.

•Check out these tips for responsible pet ownership from PAWS of Jackson Hole http://pawsofjh.org/programs/rdog/

100 Days Until Totality! 16 Days Left – A Message from Your Elected Officials from TetonEclipse.com


Teton County is a community that welcomes millions of visitors each year. In the midst of some of the
most beautiful and rugged landscapes on earth, we are proud to share our incredible natural resources
and welcoming, adventurous spirit with people from all over the world.

This year, Teton County is especially fortunate to be located in “path of totality” of the first total solar
eclipse to be visible from coast to coast in the United States since 1918. Partners all over the County
from Grand Teton National Park to the Town of Jackson have been preparing for this exciting event for
nearly two years, and we are very excited to receive eclipse chasers and visitors of all kinds for this
once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

This total solar eclipse will be an amazing experience in an equally amazing setting. We are eager to
share the best our community has to offer with everyone that comes to enjoy this event. Please visit
www.tetoneclipse.com for helpful information to plan and prepare for your visit. We expect many
more visitors than usual, and proper planning will ensure that you have a great experience. As you
enjoy all Teton County has to offer, please help us keep this wonderful place beautiful by respecting
nature – as they say in the back country: “leave no trace” (www.Lnt.org).

Thank you and welcome to Teton County!

Mark Newcomb
Chairman, Teton County Board of Commissioners

100 Days Until Totality! 17 Days Left – Top 10 Things to Bring/Know from TetonEclipse.com

Top 10 Things to Bring/Know

The communities around the Bridger-Teton are expecting a large influx of visitors that will be using the community’s lodging, food, gas, ATMs, and bathroom facilities. We anticipate additional impacts on our public lands. Suggested planning and preparation for up to two weeks prior to the August 21 eclipse include:

1. Cell phones may not work due to high usage demands. Some of the remote locations in our region have now/low cellular coverage. Text messages may be more reliable than phone calls, especially when trying to contact 9-1-1.

2. In an emergency you may send a text message to 9-1-1. Simply text the number 911 and in the message include your location, the nature of your emergency, and if you need police, fire, medical or search and rescue. Do not use abbreviations. Be prepared for a delayed response.

3. Stock up on groceries or make dining reservations in advance, as restaurants may be crowded.

4. Fill your gas tanks. We are expecting additional demand and congestion on the roadways.

5. Visit the banks/ATMs early, as ATMs may run out of cash due to visitation surge.

6. Lodging accommodations are limited. Hotels, camping and RV camping are near capacity. Visitors may need to look outside of Jackson and Teton County for accommodations. Be sure to have you accommodations arranged prior to arrival.

7. Area roadways will likely be congested and regular routes are subject to temporary restrictions. Visit www.wyoroad.info. Variable traffic signs will provide up to date information on specific roadways.

8. Be prepared for heavy bicycle traffic. Remember to share roads, trails and pathways and be courteous to other users, including any emergency service vehicles that may be using pathways for emergency response.

9. The hospital and urgent care facilities are increasing staffing to handle heavier than normal walk-in and emergency visits. Fill your medical prescriptions in advance and have an extra supply of your medications.

10. August is prime fire season. Be extremely careful with cigarettes, campfires, recreational burns and parking a vehicle on dry grass. Know the burning restrictions for the area you are visiting. Report any signs of smoke immediately.

** Residents should stock up on essentials including groceries, medications, water, tarps, emergency generators and camping equipment. The more self-sufficient the better, emergency response times will be effected with the additional visitors.**

100 Days Until Totality! 18 Days Left – Old Bill’s 2017 Launch Draws Eclipse Awareness & Calling All Volunteers. Published from TetonEclipse.com

Yesterday marked the start of Jackson’s greatest fundraising season with the Old Bill’s Launch Party and reminds service-oriented folks that giving back and contributing is of ultimate importance and significant impact. The Community Foundation supports the following organizations and non-profits– several of which have immensely supported the Teton Eclipse effort including Center for the Arts, Friends of Pathways, Hole Food Rescue, Jackson Community Recycling & ISWR, Jazz Foundation of Jackson Hole, KHOL 89.1 – Jackson Hole Community Radio, Rotary Club (Breakfast Club, Foundation or Supper Club), pARTners PAWS of Jackson Hole, Wyoming Stargazing (major shout out here on the education front!) and several other essential and perhaps more obvious crossovers like our bravest over at Fire/EMS.

To all these aforementioned organizations, we thank you and your team for your service to the critical Teton Eclipse effort!

Check the vast roster of 2017 Old Bill’s participants noting:

“Old Bill’s has helped nonprofits in Jackson Hole raise over $133 million and impacted the lives of thousands. The philanthropic efforts of this community are inspiring, with over 200 nonprofits using this special event as an integral part of their financial support.”

If feeling curious or inspired by the Old Bill’s spirit, thank you for considering how you can help out during the days surrounding the upcoming eclipse. If you are interested in learning more or adding your info to our volunteer list for dates surrounding August 18-22 – and beyond… well at least to the weekend- there could be a lot to clean up in the Bridger-Teton National Forest over the post-eclipse weekend, shoot an email to volunteer@tetoneclipse.com

Below, see some of CFJH’s fun ways to raise extra money in the next window including the eclipse incentive!

oldbills.org | VolunteerJH.org


Contest 1: Old Bill’s Giving Jump Start Award

Kick the Old Bill’s Giving Season into high gear. The nonprofit with the largest number of online gifts during the first week (August 1st to August 7th at midnight) will receive a $200 grant. (Separate gifts from the same family only count once.)

Contest 2: Old Bill’s Sighting Awards
Do you have friends or family who make giving back a priority? Catch people acting like Mr. and Mrs. Old Bill—being generous, kind, volunteering, engaging in service or philanthropy, or simply helping others—and nominate them for an Old Bill’s Sighting Award at OldBills.org or at the library by September 10th. Five stand-out nominees will win $500 grants for their favorite participating nonprofit(s). (Nominate by Friday, August 25th and be entered to win a $200 Early-Nomination grant for the local charity of your choice! Thanks to Old Bill’s t-shirt supplier Atayne for funding this initiative!)

Contest 3: Old Bill’s Eclipse Award
Encourage your donors to give early and “eclipse” last year’s gifts. The nonprofit with the largest number of gifts by midnight on Eclipse Day, August 21st, will win a $200 grant.

Contest 4: Volunteer Sign-Up Award

Sign-up as a Route team or Waste and Recycling team volunteer for Run Day before September 1st, and be entered into a raffle for $200 grants to support a participating nonprofit of your choosing.

Susan Scarlata

Communications & Marketing Officer

Community Foundation of Jackson Hole

245 E. Simpson Ave. | P.O. Box 574 | 83001

307.739.1026 | cfjacksonhole.org

oldbills.org | VolunteerJH.org

AUGUST 2, 2017

100 Days Until Totality! 19 Days Left – Teton County Library Eclipse Glasses – Bound To Go Fast + Tonight! Get some eclipse tips in Alta, Wy. Published from TetonEclipse.com

Yep, we hope you heard it here first, or perhaps from our friends at the Teton County Library, but effective August 1, regular residents and citizens of Teton County, WY with checkouts can scoop up their very own eclipse glasses for free-because it’s the library of course! Be sure to act fast, as insiders say there’s a limited supply. No doubt they come with restrictions -one per but nonetheless, the Teton Eclipse contingent is grateful to have the Library as a partner and outlet for these essential solar viewing pieces.

Thanks for learning as much as you can about safe viewing during a total solar eclipse. Local eye doctors and emergency medical workers will thank you too!

Meanwhile…over in tiny/mighty Alta, WY:

Together with Teton County Emergency Management Services, Teton County Library Alta Branch with support from the citizens of Alta, Wyoming are hosting an information session dedicated to eclipse preparedness.

Check the details here or below:

GET SOME TIPS FOR THE ECLIPSE | Public Safety Presentation

The first Total Solar Eclipse to visit the U.S. in 38 years will occur MON, AUG 21, at 11:30 a.m. Teton Valley could offer one of the best places in the nation to view the total eclipse, which will last for just two minutes and thirty seconds. Rich Ochs from Teton County Emergency Management will discuss our public safety planning efforts, issues the community may face, and simple steps locals can take to best prepare for this once in a lifetime event and the surge in visitors coming to our area for viewing.

AUGUST 2, 2017


Via our VOAD partners at Hole Food Rescue – with gratitude.

Hello JH Community,

We are 21 days away from the infamous Total Solar Eclipse and VOAD (Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster) is working hard to ensure all the incoming and local first responders that will be on duty during the eclipse weekend are properly fed.

We are looking for nonperishable snack and gatorade donations for first responders and volunteers. There will be over 180 people working around the clock to keep our community safe during the long weekend.

Examples of nonperishable snack items: Nuts, Raisins, Granola Bars, Trail Mix, Crackers, Chips, Beef Jerky, gatorade, etc.

Please drop off any donations to:
Town Hall (150 E. Pearl) – 8am-5pm, Monday – Friday.
A donation box will also be placed outside the front door for after hours deliveries.

Please contact me with any questions, THANK YOU!!

Ali Dunford
Co-Executive Director
Hole Food Rescue
(307) 215-1152

Hole Food Rescue
1524 Martin Ln. Unit B
PO Box 2955
Jackson, WY 83001

100 Days Until Totality! 21 Days Left – Contribute to Eclipse Science!

Ready to be fully apart of the most epic Astronomical phenomena of the year? Perfect! Because science needs your help!

NASA is encouraging eclipse watchers to record valuable data during totality with a simple app on a phone and an ordinary thermometer. In order for NASA scientists to further analyze eclipses, they are asking citizens to take data on temperature drops, wildlife reactions and cloud changes during totality. Bring your portable chargers and mobile hotspots galore and get ready to contribute to the needs of science for a day.

While using the app, it will guide you step by step what to do and when to collect data. The measurements taken will then go into a NASA database where it will be used by students and scientists that will study the affects of the eclipse on the globe. Couple your solar eclipse experience as an experiment and contribute to necessary research in the solar field. We’ll see you outside and ready to observe on August 21st!

Check here for more information and NASA GLOBE Observer app to download the app. Remember to bring a thermometer along!

100 Days Until Totality! 22 Days Left – Solar Scopes

So you’ve snagged a couple tickets to our eclipse events and you’re ready to view the eclipse through our solar telescopes. But you may still be skeptical and worried about your eye safety. We’re encouraging you to read on and put all you fears to rest!

What makes solar telescopes safe, exactly? During the eclipse, our organization will be using two different types of solar filters with our scopes. Built in or on each telescope is a special filter that’s blocking out about 99% of the light that you’d normally see from the sun. For the most common type of solar filter, we will be using a thin, plastic film that keeps its cool in the heat of the sun. Because these films will not heat up significantly, they are used in solar shades as well, and can be safely used throughout the duration of the eclipse. This filter will allow you to see the sun and a yellow-orange disk, and maybe even allow you to see sunspots on the sun’s surface.

The Sun as viewed through an H-Alpha filter

The second type of solar filter is known as a Hydrogen-Alpha filter, or H-Alpha for short. This filter is made to detect a certain wavelength, or rather the hydrogen-alpha wavelength, so that it receives only one specific light band through the telescope. The single H-alpha band causes the sun to appear bright red in our telescope, and can enable the viewer to resolve solar flares, granules, prominences and filaments.

So no worries! These filters in our scopes are designed to let in only a tiny amount of light, so that your eyes are not exposed to any UV radiation. So relax, take a peek into the scope and enjoy a safe and unforgettable eclipse!

100 Days Until Totality! 23 Days Left – Varying Totalities

Have you noticed that some locations get shorter lengths of eclipse totality, while others seem to have up to a whole 40 seconds longer? Whether you’re out on the Northern Coast of Oregon, or in the middle of Illinois, you’re bound to have a spectacular view as long as you’re in the path of totality! If you haven’t made your location of choice just yet, this factoid may help you choose the best case for longest viewing.

Starry Night education software

Interestingly, the total solar eclipse this year will not be the same for everyone in line with totality. Some areas will experience a totality lasting only 2 minutes, where others, such as Carbondale, IL will have theirs lasting for 2 minutes and 40 seconds. Though the eclipse is the same, the amount of direct shadow is not. This is due to the curvature of the Earth. As the Sun shines on the backside of the Moon, we see the first signs of shadow touch down at the farthest tangent on the globe during the earlier part of the event. Given about an hour later, the Moon’s shadow will be passing directly across the Earth at it’s shortest point, providing a longer period of direct shadow. The difference in these two points can be a maximum of 4,000 miles!

If you’re still hoping for the longest duration of totality, you’ll be wanting to be present in the middle of the path of totality. Locations in Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, and Tennessee will be your best bets.

Sources here and here