Sometimes the weather says no, but we can still give you a great show!

Cosmic SOUP Tours

Everything we do at Wyoming Stargazing is geared towards giving people some Cosmic SOUP (Sense of Universal Place). Whether it’s a stargazing program under incredibly clear dark night skies in a remote location in Grand Teton Park, a planetarium program in a library auditorium, or an astronomy lesson in a classroom we always try to help people understand their place in the cosmos.

Sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate to offer stargazing programs. Other times schedules are just too full during the day to stay up late into the night for stargazing, especially in the summer. For those times we have Cosmic SOUP Tours. Whether it’s a couple hours in the mid afternoon that you want to fill before dinner instead of sitting in your hotel room or a fun evening activity with the kids before getting them to bed early, we’ve got you covered.

What’s the Deal?

We’ve mapped out a scale model of the Solar System with the Sun in Jackson Town Square and the Dwarf Planets (poor Pluto!) at the parking lot at Gros Ventre Junction. During the tour, you’ll have the opportunity to walk some of the smaller scaled distances between the planets and enjoy the scenery along the National Elk Refuge as we drive the larger distances between the outer planets.

Along the way from the the Sun to Pluto we’ll have several different stations corresponding to the locations of the planets where we’ll introduce different mind-bending concepts of astronomy through engaging activities and conversation. We’ll cover everything from black holes to aliens.

We’ll wrap things up after about 2-hours back near Town Square at a mystery location along one of the orbits of the inner planets with a sweet surprise at the end!

You’ll leave our programs with a new understanding of the Cosmos and a cosmic sized helping of a Sense of Universal Place (SOUP).

Cosmic Soup Tours go out rain or shine. Umbrellas are on us.

Feel free to give us a call at 1-844-WYO-STAR (1-844-996-7827) to book your program and avoid the 6% online booking fee.

The proceeds from our private stargazing programs are used to increase access to STEM education and to promote dark night sky conservation.

Why Cosmic SOUP?

It’s always such a bummer for us and for our guests when we have to cancel a stargazing program because of bad weather. This tour gives you the opportunity to still learn all of the amazing stories of the Universe in a fun and engaging way. That’s what we love to do at Wyoming Stargazing anyways with or without guests! We hope you’ll join us for some Cosmic SOUP.

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