DIY Sunset and Stargazing Adventure in Grand Teton N.P.

DIY Sunset and Stargazing Adventure in Grand Teton N.P.

Spring is a special time here in Jackson, WY. As the snow line slowly recedes up the mountains, water again begins to flow through the valley and the lush green forests become active and full with life. However, as Summer fast approaches the days grow longer, which attract visitors with long days of outdoor adventures. […]

The Messier Catalog

For a few months around the New Year of 1744, the world was treated to a spectacular cosmic display as Comet C/1743 X1 (Comet de Chéseaux) passed though the inner solar system. This particular comet was among the brightest in history and as the comet made its approach towards the sun, an extremely rare phenomenon […]

Globular Clusters and the Early Universe

The origins of our universe began as a blank canvas, an expanding landscape of endless hot clouds of hydrogen and helium. For the first few hundred million years the universe was nearly featureless and chemically pristine, void of any heavy elements or complexity. It was a simple and humble beginning onto which the cosmos would […]

Get Ready for the April 2024 Total Solar Eclipse

2017 saw the “Great American Eclipse” visible across much of the northwest, central and southeastern US. An estimated 216 million Americans were fortunate enough to witness that magical event first hand, some traveling far and wide. Here in Jackson, Wyoming we were lucky to lie directly in the “path of totality” and some of you […]

Orion the Hunter – A Backyard Astronomy Guidepost

Winter is here! And with the passing seasons, brings new constellations into our evening night skies. During the winter months, it is the mighty hunter Orion who takes the center stage as the prominent constellation this time of year. Orion is easily identifiable, distinguished by the famous trio of bright stars known as Orion’s belt. […]

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