End of the Year Appeal Deal

Pregúntele al Dr. Sam y Astro-BS

De regreso por demanda popular, Ask Dr. Sam, comenzará nuevamente el próximo martes de 4:30 pm a 5:30 pm MDT todas las semanas. Es una gran oportunidad para que los estudiantes y sus padres tengan la oportunidad de hacer todas sus preguntas candentes a nuestro Fundador y Director Ejecutivo, el Dr. Sam. Cargue para disfrutar de una buena cena […]

La aurora boreal - Mirando hacia arriba Episodio #2

En el episodio de esta semana de Looking Up, hablamos de la aurora boreal. Discutiremos la ciencia detrás de la aurora, así como el significado de la aurora boreal a lo largo de la historia. Sintonice y descubra cuándo podrá ver este espectáculo de luces a continuación. Si está interesado en obtener más información sobre […]

¡¡¡El cometa NEOWISE es increíble !!!

Comet NEOWISE has turned out to be the most charismatic comet in the last decade. Over the next few nights it’s going to get higher and higher in the sky. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you really should. It’s easily visible to the naked eye from Jackson and from most of the Northern […]

Looking Up: una nueva versión de un viejo favorito

This week, we’re learning all about comets! Wyoming Stargazing is excited to have a new version of a classic program for you! If you’ve been following Wyoming Stargazing for a while, you might remember our radio program called Looking Up that was featured on Jackson’s local radio station, KHOL. We’ve taken the radio version of […]

El mundo sobre los Tetons | Serie de altavoces 2020

We are honored to introduce this week?s speaker – Kelly Lively.  Idaho National Laboratory is one of the U.S. Department of Energy?s 17 national laboratories. With roughly 5,000 scientists, engineers and support personnel, the lab also stands as one of Idaho?s largest employers. At INL?s three primary facility areas, researchers perform work in support of […]

¡Todos somos parte del mismo Universo!

We are all part of the same Universe! To support our community through the COVID-19 pandemic Wyoming Stargazing has launched three brand new virtual programs and converted a couple of our old programs to virtual platforms as well. Check them out below. The coronavirus crisis has shown us that we are all interconnected. It?s connected […]

Carrera divertida de Old Bill

WHAT IS OLD BILL?S? Twenty-one years ago, an anonymous, philanthropic couple, fondly known as Mr. and Mrs. Old Bill, envisioned a collaborative event to support local nonprofits. For the first time, organizations came together in an efficient, unified fundraiser that raised awareness of community needs. Over the last two decades, more than $146 million has […]

¡Un par de semanas emocionantes!

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks at Wyoming Stargazing. We’ve set up the Dark Sky Pavilion and Planetarium a couple of times for Madness Days at Melvin Brewing and at Base Camp for Wilderness Adventures at Snow King. We also had the great privilege to offer stargazing programs for some really amazing people including […]

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