How to Visit SKOP

You can purchase tickets for the gondola and entry for SKOP from the Snow King website or from Wyoming Stargazing.

Where is the Snow King Observatory and Planetarium (SKOP)?

The Snow King Observatory and Planetarium (SKOP) is located on the summit of Snow King Mountain in Jackson, Wyoming. This high altitude provides exceptional night sky viewing from a world-class observatory. On top of that, with our help, the town of Jackson has been working diligently to reduce its impact on the night skies to make the summit of Snow King Mountain an even more ideal location for a large telescope and night sky destination.

With the base of the mountain located just a half-mile from Town Square in downtown Jackson, access to the facilities are quick, easy, and convenient. The primary mode of access is wondrously scenic gondola ride, showing off majestic views of Jackson Hole, the Teton Mountains, and more as you ascend and/or descend from the summit. Along the way you may even spot people hiking, mountain biking, skiing, or possibly even some wildlife. If you’re riding after dark, you won’t find a more scenic gondola ride!

Is a gondola ride the only way to reach SKOP?

Not at all! While a gondola ride is certainly the most convenient method for access, both the observatory and planetarium were built near multiple forest service trails that have been used by both locals and visitors for decades. Mountain bikers, hikers, trail runners, and more are welcome to visit, using the facilities as a destination, or as a break along their route to learn a few things about the night sky along the way.

The shortest trail up is the Snow King Summit Trail, clocking in at just about 2 miles one-way. Other trails also converge in the vicinity with the Summit Trail, such as Josie’s Ridge, the Skyline Trail, and Leek’s Canyon Trail. Note that all trails are considered strenuous ascents. Likewise, in the winter, the gondola also serves as a lift for incredible skiing and snowboarding opportunities, so you can enjoy your ride down on the snow.

If you plan on descending after dark, please either be appropriately prepared, or take the gondola down.

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