Star Struck Podcast

What is the Star Struck Podcast?

The Star Struck podcast is a weekly(?) podcast production from Wyoming Stargazing that dives into the wonders of the cosmos and stars (hence, Star Struck!). Ideal for anyone with even a remote fascination in astronomy, we’ll be exploring exciting new themes and current events with each episode.

With an emphasis on topics related to space and the sciences, each show is a great way to explore the wonders of our universe without worrying if you need a science degree to keep up! Maintaining a light-hearted and accessible tone, you can expect discussions to be broken down into fun plain English so that even those without a background in astronomy or science can keep up and enjoy the lively conversation.

If you’re curious about the Universe and are wanting to expand your knowledge with a fun crew of experts, be sure to subscribe to make your inner nerd happy!

Meet the Docs, Your Star Struck Hosts

Founder and Executive Director of Wyoming Stargazing

Dr. Samuel Singer

Samuel grew up exploring the high desert in Yerington, Nevada, which is where he first fell in love with the night sky. Study for a B.A. in Physics and Astronomy took him to Hampshire College in Amherst Massachusetts. Samuel built a couple Dobsonian telescopes and helped to establish a small observatory at Hampshire College as part of his bachelor?s degree. While at Hampshire, the deciduous forests of the east coast, led Samuel to discover his love for outdoor science education. He earned a Masters in Natural Science?Environment and Natural Resources by way of the Teton Science Schools and the University of Wyoming. Samuel built a second small observatory for the Teton Science Schools in Jackson Hole during his masters program. He has been recognized by NASA as a volunteer Solar System Ambassador, as well as by the IGES and NASA in their Top Stars program for an astronomy lesson plan he wrote. In 2013, Samuel completed his doctorate degree in Science Education from the University of Wyoming.

Owner of Epic Journeys

Dr. Melissa George

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