100 Días de Totalidad - ¡Feliz Día del Eclipse!

100 Días de Totalidad - ¡Feliz Día del Eclipse!

The epic moment of totality is just hours ahead! Wyoming Stargazing, as well as the Jackson community have been working incredibly hard to make this eclipse event as memorable as possible. The 2017 Total Solar Eclipse has given us the perfect opportunity to give back to our community and excel in our mission statement to […]

¡100 días hasta la totalidad! Queda 1 día: las restricciones de incendios del condado de Teton entran en vigencia en TetonEclipse.com

Jackson, WY, August 15, 2017 ? Partial fire restrictions will be going into effect for Teton County tomorrow, August 16th. The restrictions are based in part on the current high fire danger and predictions of continued warm and dry weather. Other significant factors include increased visitation to the area during the upcoming total solar eclipse […]

¡100 días hasta la totalidad! Quedan 4 días: el Parque Nacional Grand Teton ofrece la ubicación oficial para ver el eclipse de TetonEclipse.com

MOOSE, WY-Grand Teton National Park managers expect August 21, 2017?the day of the Total Solar Eclipse Across America?to be the busiest single day in the history of the park. Visitors to the park on eclipse day can ensure a successful viewing experience by developing a plan and heeding a few simple guidelines. Complete eclipse viewing […]

¡100 días hasta la totalidad! Quedan 5 días: línea de información anunciada desde TetonEclipse.com

Teton Solar Eclipse Information Line Jackson, WY, August 14, 2017 ? The 2017 total solar eclipse will pass through Teton County in one week, and local agencies continue to partner and prepare in anticipation of thousands of visitors and eclipse-chasers. Extensive information related to eye safety, fire prevention and safety, viewing areas, and much more […]

¡100 días hasta la totalidad! Quedan 6 días - Horas de funcionamiento de Eclipse: Residuos sólidos integrados del condado de Teton y reciclaje de TetonEclipse.com

Via: Teton County Integrated Solid Waste & Recycling FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Mari Allan Hanna, Teton County Integrated Solid Waste & Recycling mahanna@tetonwyo.org 307-733-7678 ISWR Eclipse Operations FINALHours of Operations Eclipse Operating Hours: Teton County Integrated Solid Waste and Recycling Jackson, Wyo., July 20, 2017 ? Please note that Teton County is advising community members […]

¡100 días hasta la totalidad! Quedan 7 días - Consejos de Eclipse Una semana de salida: Vaciar y llenar de TetonEclipse.com

Reminder for everyone prepping on this fine Sunday in the Tetons ? one week in advance of the Total Solar Eclipse. The following schedule goes great with this handy checklist and other tips straight from the Survival Guide! ISWR Eclipse Operation Hours FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Carrie Bell Teton County Integrated Solid Waste & Recycling […]

¡100 días hasta la totalidad! - Quedan 8 días - Consejos para empresas de la Cámara de Comercio de Jackson Hole

As locals may already know, Teton Eclipse is dedicated to coordinating a safe and enjoyable time for residents and visitors during the days surrounding the eclipse. Civil duty and deliverance of the core mission to streamline emergency and community service functions for less impact from the anticipated surge of visitors means the focus really is […]

¡100 días hasta la totalidad! Quedan 9 días: START Bus anuncia servicio ampliado durante Eclipse de TetonEclipse.com

?We are trying to encourage alternative modes of transportation during this unprecedented event in Jackson,? said Darren Brugmann, Start Bus Director. ?We?d love to see more residents and visitors riding buses and taking advantage of the new START Bike program.? In an effort to sway residents and visitors to utilize alternative modes of transportation during […]

¡100 días hasta la totalidad! Quedan 11 días - Storycast especial de Great American Eclipse y dos minutos de Totality Free! De TetonEclipse.com

A great local, eclipse resource for learning while on the road, taking a walk during your ?two minutes in the dark,? or while sitting desk-side and getting excited about the Eclipse via TravelStory featuring Wyoming Stargazing?s Dr. Samuel Singer. A special-edition TravelStory is coming at you straight out of the state of Wyoming. Download it […]