Imagine the night sky at TEDxJacksonHole!


There’s a great article in the JH News and Guide about TEDxJacksonHole. Look closely and you’ll notice that the cover photo was taken by none other than our own Mike Cavaroc, astrophotographer, board member, and webmaster extraordinaire–and why? Because he’s also giving one of the talks!

If you have a ticket, we can’t wait for you to watch him explain beautifully why the night sky is a benefit to us all.

If you don’t, well, the event is sold out but you can either get on the waiting list or watch it in the lobby of the Center for the Arts, since it is being live-streamed there. And then you can get dibs on looking through our telescopes!

Yes, Wyoming Stargazing will be at the event as well, doing solar astronomy during the entertainment before the event (at around 5 pm) and doing stargazing during the intermission and afterwards! We’d love to foster your own imagination with a look through our telescopes at the clear full moon expected tonight! And don’t miss Mike’s talk!

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