K-5 Science Progression Grant

Project ​Description

The ​objective ​of ​this ​initiative ​is ​to ​begin ​developing ​a ​comprehensive ​K-5 ​science ​curriculum progression ​designed ​by ​local ​nonprofits and other partner organizations ​in ​close ​collaboration ​with ​the ​TCSD ​administrators and ​lead ​teachers ​that ​will ​set ​a ​national ​standard ​for ​educational ​cooperation ​and ​implementation.

We ​are ​well ​aware ​of ​the ​amazing ​programs ​that ​partner organizations are already ​implementing ​with ​the ​TCSD and we ​are ​​excited ​about incorporating ​them ​into ​a ​comprehensive ​science ​curriculum. ​This ​initiative ​aims ​to ​unify ​those ​and ​other stand ​alone ​programs, ​build ​on ​their ​successes, ​expand ​programming ​opportunities, ​and ​create ​a comprehensive ​science ​curriculum ​that ​is ​integrated ​across ​other ​disciplines. ​The ​curriculum ​will:

  • be ​in-line ​with ​the ​NGSS;
  • draw ​upon ​existing ​NGSS ​aligned ​curriculum;
  • draw ​upon ​the ​existing ​expertise ​and ​strengths ​of ​local ​nonprofit ​organizations;
  • support ​TCSD ​teachers;
  • be ​implemented ​in ​part ​by ​local ​nonprofits.

The first phase of this project ​is ​the development ​of ​the ​overall ​structure ​for ​the ​curriculum ​progression ​and ​the ​completion ​of ​the ​K-5 ​pilot program ​by ​August ​of ​2019. Phase ​II ​will ​begin ​with ​​the ​implementation ​of ​that curriculum ​in ​the ​K-5 ​classrooms ​in ​TCSD in the 2019-2020 school year. Phase ​II ​will ​also ​include ​the development ​of ​a ​6-8 ​and ​9-12 science ​curriculum ​by ​May ​of ​2020. Phase ​III ​will ​begin ​in ​August ​of ​2020 ​with ​the ​implementation ​of ​the 6-8 ​and ​9-12 ​curriculums. ​We ​will ​be ​continuously ​revising ​the ​pilot ​programs ​as ​they ​are ​implemented and ​receive ​feedback ​from ​teachers ​and ​administrators.

Participating Partner Organizations

Center of Wonder
Jackson Hole Children's Museum
Jackson Hole pARTners
Snake River Fund
Teton County Weed and Pest
Teton Interagency Fire
Teton Raptor Center
Teton Science Schools
The Cougar Fund
Wyoming Stargazing Logo