The People Making it Happen

Board Members

  • Ian Edwards, M.S. Applied Mathematics

    President, Board Member

    Ian Chenonceau

    Ian is retired from a career in Electro-Optics spanning 32 years. He has a Degree in Physics and Masters of Applied Mathematics (Quantum Theory) from La Trobe University, Australia. During his time at La Trobe he was responsible for the Physics Department telescope mounted on the building rooftop. He has had a lifelong interest in optics and astronomy. He retired to Jackson Hole to pursue outdoor interests including hiking, biking, kayaking and astronomy in this remarkable environment.

  • Mike Adler, PhD Physics

    Vice President, Board Member

    mike adler

    Mike graduated from MIT in 1971 as a PhD in the area of solid state physics and worked at General Electric from 1971 until his retirement in 2000. Since retirement Mike has been active with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (the IEEE, the largest technical society in the world) including being its president in 2003. Mike recently combined his hobbies of astronomy and photography and is taking astro photographs using his 6″ and 20″ telescopes in Wyoming. Mike has been giving talks on a number of topics in astronomy, geology, and travel to groups in New York and Jackson.

  • Kathleen Glover

    Treasurer, Board Member

    Kathleen Glover and her husband, Mike, have lived full time in Jackson since 2015, after splitting their time for several years between the Washington, D.C. area and Wyoming. Kathleen is a CPA and formerly worked as a finance director for Martin Marietta (now Lockheed Martin) and at public accounting firms in D.C. and Albany, New York. She was previously active in a number of charitable, educational and community organizations in the Northern Virginia area, as well as coaching several sport and academic teams. Kathleen is enjoying retirement in the Jackson area, and is excited about sharing her interest in the Wyoming skies with the community and visitors.

  • Brad Mead

    Board Member

    brad mead

    Mr. Mead is a Wyoming native, cattle rancher, and an attorney along with his wife Kate in the law firm Mead & Mead in Jackson. He is also the founder and CEO of Wyoming Whiskey. He currently writes a column for the Jackson Hole News & Guide and serves on various advisory boards. In addition, Mr. Mead is a passionate amateur astronomer, which has led to him to construct his own personal observatory and to become a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society.

  • Liz Moseley

    Board Member

    As a seasoned search professional with more than 12 years of experience, Liz has assisted more than 200 searches in higher education, for independent schools, and in the nonprofit sector, identifying and recruiting academic and administrative leaders.Prior to joining Storbeck/Pimentel & Associates, Liz served as a consultant in the Education Practice at A.T. Kearney. Previously, she served as a search coordinator at an international search firm placing senior executives in academic and nonprofit institutions for clients based in North America and abroad. Prior to entering the executive search industry, she held a position in the Regulatory Advisory Practice at KPMG Peat Marwick. Liz is active in a number of community organizations. She currently serves as the vice chair of the Teton Valley Ski Education Foundation (TVSEF) Board. In the summer of 2018 she led the search for the TVSEF executive director. She also works closely with the Jackson Hole Community School Gala Committee each year. She is the spouse of a retired Naval Officer and the mother of three boys. They enjoy spending time in the outdoors.

  • Don Jaekle

    Board Member

    Don is, and has been, working in the aerospace industry for 36 years designing and analyzing propulsion system components for spacecraft.  He has degrees in Mechanical Engineering with a specialty in Fluid Mechanics from Yale and MIT. After leaving MIT, he started a small business providing engineering design and analysis of propellant management devices (PMDs) for spacecraft.  PMDs use surface tension to control liquids in zero gravity.  He has designed components for several space based telescopes including the Solar Dynamics Observatory, the Chandra X-Ray Observatory and the future James Webb Space Telescope. He moved to Jackson Hole with his wife six years ago and is fortunate enough to continue his career in this great place.

  • Peta Roubin

    Board Member

    Peta Roubin has a background in health care and business, combining studies in both Nursing and Economics at Sydney University, Australia. Peta spent her career blending this background in the medical device industry, with her primary responsibilities developing and marketing medical products on a worldwide basis as well as in raising health care standards in some third world countries, including China and India. Peta has been involved in a range of nonprofit organizations, including homeless shelters, hospitals in New York City and in Jackson Hole. Her other interests include being involved in providing educational opportunities to all demographics in the Jackson Hole area, which is how she became connected with Wyoming Stargazing. She is an outstanding advocate of the science education programs we offer.

  • David Moxam, MBA and M.S. in Physics

    Board Member

    David Moxam is a Co-founder of Malibu IQ, LLC and serves as its Chairman of the Board. He also serves as Senior Advisor and partner at Manti Holdings. David served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Authentix, Inc. until October 10, 2012. David is a successful entrepreneur with extensive experience in bringing advanced technologies to market. His expertise includes working in a senior executive capacity with a Fortune 500 Global leader and leading a small company through a period of dynamic growth as it established itself as a pioneer and a leader in a newly established industry. David leads a team of PhDs, engineers and industry experts who develop molecular and nanotechnology solutions which are utilized by 5 of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies. Prior to joining Authentix, David performed a technology turnaround at Goldman Sachs’ Starpoint for which he won a Goldman Sachs Technology TurnAround award in 2000. Prior to this, he spent a decade building EDS’ New York- based Global Financial Markets Group. David holds graduate degrees in Physics and Business Administration from Laurentian University in Canada.

  • Jim Rooks, M.S. in Education

    Board Member

    Jim is a fifth generation native of Jackson Hole, who graduated from Jackson Hole High School in 1990 and the University of Wyoming in 1995.  “Jimbo,” as most of his friends call him, went on to earn a master’s degree in education and serve as a teacher, principal and athletic coach for 25 years.  Jim has been recognized as Citizen of the Month, Everyday Hero and Teacher of the Year, several times over!  He also founded the local chapter of the high school “We the People” program, which regularly earned state championships and national final qualifications. As of June 2020, Jim is the new Director of Community Engagement, who will offer both programming and leadership for the Wonder Institute.

  • David “JR” Dalby

    Board Member

    At a very young age, JR was interested in the sky. He has early
    childhood memories of the Apollo missions. Watching Neil Armstrong walking on the moon on TV started his interest in astronomy. His mom gave him his first Planisphere at the age of about 10. He spent countless nights looking at the stars and planets. He moved to Jackson in 2012 and became friends with Wyoming Stargazing. He started to volunteer at events, then lead public programs. Nowadays, he leads private programs as well as serves on the Board of Directors – in addition to being an Account Manager with Mountain Alarm in Jackson, WY. 

If you’re interested in joining Wyoming Stargazing’s board of directors, please contact Executive Director, Samuel Singer, at


  • Samuel Singer, PhD Science Education

    Founder and Executive Director

    Samuel grew up exploring the high desert in Yerington, Nevada, which is where he first fell in love with the night sky. Study for a B.A. in Physics and Astronomy took him to Hampshire College in Amherst Massachusetts. Samuel built a couple Dobsonian telescopes and helped to establish a small observatory at Hampshire College as part of his bachelor’s degree. While at Hampshire, the deciduous forests of the east coast, led Samuel to discover his love for outdoor science education. He earned a Masters in Natural Science–Environment and Natural Resources by way of the Teton Science Schools and the University of Wyoming. Samuel built a second small observatory for the Teton Science Schools in Jackson Hole during his masters program. He has been recognized by NASA as a volunteer Solar System Ambassador, as well as by the IGES and NASA in their Top Stars program for an astronomy lesson plan he wrote.

    In 2013, Samuel completed his doctorate degree in Science Education from the University of Wyoming. His dissertation research focused on spirituality in outdoor environmental education. After wrapping up his dissertation he founded Wyoming Stargazing as a way to further his passion for helping others explore the Universe. On his time off, he enjoys meditation, backcountry skiing, yoga, and long distance running.

  • Maggie Lindner, BA Psychology

    Director of Operations


    Maggie Lindner is originally from southern California but moved up to Oregon in 2013 for school. She graduated from Pacific University with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, and her senior thesis was accepted to the 2018 Western Psychological Association’s Convention. While in school and for a few years post-graduation, she worked at a salon and spa, eventually becoming responsible for overseeing all marketing, social media, inventory, operations, and client relations. She connected with Wyoming Stargazing in 2020 and fell in love with the organization; she’s thrilled to be joining the team full-time in 2021 as the new Director of Operations. Maggie is proud to work with the Executive Director and Program Coordinator behind-the-scenes on public and private programming.

    Outside work, Maggie enjoys live music, paddle-boarding, running, hiking, watching horror movies, bingeing podcasts, exploring the outdoors, and playing with her two cats.

  • Emily Frank, BS Astronomy & Physics

    Program Coordinator

    Emily Frank (she/her), or just “Frank”, was born and raised in Oklahoma, and after graduating high school, her love for the stars led her to study Astronomy and Physics at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, NY. In her time as a Vassar student, Frank worked as an employee at her campus observatory, conducting exoplanet research and frequently leading community outreach events. She studied abroad in New Zealand in the fall of 2019, and she remotely researched galaxy evolution as an intern at Haverford College in the summer of 2020. After graduating from Vassar in June of 2021, Frank is overjoyed to be joining the Wyoming Stargazing team as a Stargazing Leader – and now the new Program Coordinator! Her favorite part about Astronomy is being able to share the wonders of the cosmos with others. When Frank is not studying the night sky, she can be found knitting. When she is not knitting, it is likely that she is drawing. If she is not drawing or knitting, Frank is definitely binging a science fiction tv show.


Stargazing Leaders

Our Stargazing Leaders come from coast to coast every summer to help you explore the heavens. They all have bachelor degrees in Astronomy, Physics, or related fields.  In additional to being brilliant, they are also great story tellers. So, be sure to ask them all your burning questions about the Cosmos.

Ella Castelloe

Ella grew up in the mountains in North Carolina and has always loved the outdoors and the night sky. She just graduated from UNC Chapel Hill in 2021 with a degree in astrophysics where one of her favorite experiences was sharing the awesomeness of space with other students as an astronomy teaching assistant. She is thrilled to be able to share her enthusiasm for astronomy with others as a stargazing leader! Besides astronomy, Ella also loves hiking, running, baking, mountains, and dogs.

Josh Cook

Josh originates from Olathe, Kansas. In 2015 he graduated from the University of Missouri – Kansas City with degrees in Physics and Astronomy where he went on to work with an international research group studying the evolution of galaxies across cosmic time. In 2018 he spent a year working at a remote observatory under the dark southern skies of NSW, Australia. Following his passion for science communication and for the outdoors, he came out to Jackson in 2019 to work with Wyoming Stargazing. When he’s not out leading programs, you can find him pouring the best lattes in town at both Picnic and Persephone Bakery

Dave Martin

Dave Martin grew up under the mountains of the greater Seattle area. He developed an intimate connection with the Cosmos at a young age thanks in part to his dad taking him into the mountains to watch meteor showers and locate constellations. He also has his mom to thank for her love of science fiction, which made his imagination run wild with what could be out there.
While receiving a B.A. in advertising from Washington State, he continued to take astronomy electives for the thrill of it, and eventually discovered the night sky all over again after moving to Australia and living part of the time in the deep Australian outback.
While working a job pouring wine at a place called Uluru in Australia, he landed another job out there operating telescopes for local astronomy tours, and soon began leading his own star talks.
After returning to the US in early 2020, he found his way to Jackson Hole to join the team at Wyoming Stargazing where he has resided since. Dave gets a kick out of  taking anyone and everyone on journeys through the cosmos, talking the sciences of astronomy and astrophysics, as well telling stories and discussing the deep questions that often arise while doing so. His goal is to help others connect with this part of nature, and help people to understand that we are not only tiny specks in the vast cosmic arena, but living, breathing, fractals of the universe pondering its very existence.

Benjamin Weiser

Ben Weiser has worn many hats throughout his young life, but his favorite one is a red fisherman’s cap which you may see him wearing on programs from time to time. Ben began his journey in astronomy education at the age of 16 when he began volunteering at a local observatory sharing the wonders of the sky with locals from his hometown of Athens, Ohio. Ben continued to work in natural education throughout his late high school career in nearby state parks. His astronomical pursuits led him to the Ohio State University in 2018 to study astrophysics and other fields of interest including philosophy and geology.  While in college Ben worked many hours in his university’s planetarium developing and giving programs on the night sky, the solar system, cosmology, and other topics in astronomy and astrophysics. In the summer of 2020, Ben went to work in Bryce Canyon National Park / International Dark Sky Park as a National Park Service “Astronomy Ranger” intern. At Bryce Canyon, Ben and his fellow astronomers provided guests with nightly stargazing tours and educational programs on topics in astronomy. After returning from Bryce Canyon, Ben decided that instead of a career in academic research he wanted to continue pursuing natural education and conservation. Ben now lives and works full time in Jackson sharing the wonders of nature with travelers from around the world. 

Ben’s areas of interest include planetary geology, SETI (search for extraterrestrial intelligence), and futurist philosophy.

David “JR” Dalby

At a very young age, JR was interested in the sky. He has early
childhood memories of the Apollo missions. Watching Neil Armstrong walking on the moon on TV
started his interest in astronomy. His mom gave him his first Planisphere at the age of about 10. He spent countless nights
looking at the stars and planets. He moved to Jackson in 2012 and became friends with Wyoming Stargazing.
He started to volunteer at events, then lead public programs. Now, he leads private programs and shares his
love of astronomy. His education is mostly self-taught though the voyage of discovery using a lot of
resources including enrolling in Kahn Academy online Cosmology and Astronomy courses. JR looks
forward to meeting you and enjoying the night sky.