The People Making it Happen

Board Members

  • Ian Edwards, M.S. Applied Mathematics

    President, Board Member

    Ian Chenonceau

    Ian is retired from a career in Electro-Optics spanning 32 years. He has a Degree in Physics and Masters of Applied Mathematics (Quantum Theory) from La Trobe University, Australia. During his time at La Trobe he was responsible for the Physics Department telescope mounted on the building rooftop. He has had a lifelong interest in optics and astronomy. He retired to Jackson Hole to pursue outdoor interests including hiking, biking, kayaking and astronomy in this remarkable environment.

  • Mike Adler, PhD Physics

    Vice President, Board Member

    mike adler

    Mike graduated from MIT in 1971 as a PhD in the area of solid state physics and worked at General Electric from 1971 until his retirement in 2000. Since retirement Mike has been active with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (the IEEE, the largest technical society in the world) including being its president in 2003. Mike recently combined his hobbies of astronomy and photography and is taking astro photographs using his 6″ and 20″ telescopes in Wyoming. Mike has been giving talks on a number of topics in astronomy, geology, and travel to groups in New York and Jackson.

  • Elisabeth Rohrbach

    Secretary, Board Member

    Elisabeth serves Jackson’s business community as the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce’s Membership Director. She has eleven years of experience in the nonprofit sector, most recently as the Director of Rendezvous Park (R Park), Jackson Hole’s 40-acre park for the enjoyment of all, for free. She is a burgeoning stargazing enthusiast who does her best to avoid flying over her mountain bike’s handlebars.

  • Brad Mead

    Board Member

    brad mead

    Mr. Mead is a Wyoming native, cattle rancher, and an attorney along with his wife Kate in the law firm Mead & Mead in Jackson. He is also the founder and CEO of Wyoming Whiskey. He currently writes a column for the Jackson Hole News & Guide and serves on various advisory boards. In addition, Mr. Mead is a passionate amateur astronomer, which has led to him to construct his own personal observatory and to become a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society.

  • Mary Coyne

    Board Member


    Mary Coyne splits her time between D.C. and Jackson. She is currently the Senior Vice President, Deputy General Counsel for AR Global. Her son attends the Jackson Hole Community School. Mary is excited about stargazing and promoting science public outreach opportunities in Jackson.

  • Scott Kirkpatrick

    Board Member

    Scott Kirkpatrick is a long time resident of Jackson, WY and is the founder and president of Teton Capital Advisers LLC, managers of the Teton Capital Fund, LP, which was sold in 2016. Since the sale, Scott has been active in numerous WY initiatives, most notably serving as the Chairman of the National Museum of Wildlife Art. Prior to Teton Capital, Scott worked at A.G. Edwards where he won the Albert Gallatin Award, and at Donaldson, Lufkin and Jenrette in Mergers and Acquisitions. He attended Vassar College and the Haverford School. Scott lives in Wilson, WY with his wife and two daughters, one of whom shares his passion for Wyoming stargazing.

  • Liz Moseley

    Board Member

    As a seasoned search professional with more than 12 years of experience, Liz has assisted more than 200 searches in higher education, for independent schools, and in the nonprofit sector, identifying and recruiting academic and administrative leaders.Prior to joining Storbeck/Pimentel & Associates, Liz served as a consultant in the Education Practice at A.T. Kearney. Previously, she served as a search coordinator at an international search firm placing senior executives in academic and nonprofit institutions for clients based in North America and abroad. Prior to entering the executive search industry, she held a position in the Regulatory Advisory Practice at KPMG Peat Marwick. Liz is active in a number of community organizations. She currently serves as the vice chair of the Teton Valley Ski Education Foundation (TVSEF) Board. In the summer of 2018 she led the search for the TVSEF executive director. She also works closely with the Jackson Hole Community School Gala Committee each year. She is the spouse of a retired Naval Officer and the mother of three boys. They enjoy spending time in the outdoors.

  • Peta Roubin

    Board Member

    Peta Roubin has a background in health care and business, combining studies in both Nursing and Economics at Sydney University, Australia. Peta spent her career blending this background in the medical device industry, with her primary responsibilities developing and marketing medical products on a worldwide basis as well as in raising health care standards in some third world countries, including China and India. Peta has been involved in a range of nonprofit organizations, including homeless shelters, hospitals in New York City and in Jackson Hole. Her other interests include being involved in providing educational opportunities to all demographics in the Jackson Hole area, which is how she became connected with Wyoming Stargazing. She is an outstanding advocate of the science education programs we offer.

  • Kathleen Glover

    Board Member

    Kathleen Glover and her husband, Mike, have lived full time in Jackson since 2015, after splitting their time for several years between the Washington, D.C. area and Wyoming. Kathleen is a CPA and formerly worked as a finance director for Martin Marietta (now Lockheed Martin) and at public accounting firms in D.C. and Albany, New York. She was previously active in a number of charitable, educational and community organizations in the Northern Virginia area, as well as coaching several sport and academic teams. Kathleen is enjoying retirement in the Jackson area, and is excited about sharing her interest in the Wyoming skies with the community and visitors.

  • Don Jaekle

    Board Member

    Don is, and has been, working in the aerospace industry for 36 years designing and analyzing propulsion system components for spacecraft.  He has degrees in Mechanical Engineering with a specialty in Fluid Mechanics from Yale and MIT. After leaving MIT, he started a small business providing engineering design and analysis of propellant management devices (PMDs) for spacecraft.  PMDs use surface tension to control liquids in zero gravity.  He has designed components for several space based telescopes including the Solar Dynamics Observatory, the Chandra X-Ray Observatory and the future James Webb Space Telescope. He moved to Jackson Hole with his wife six years ago and is fortunate enough to continue his career in this great place.

  • Beckett Hinckley

    Board Member

    Becket Hinckley is a District Attorney in Jackson, Wyoming. He is also a space enthusiast and as has met more astronauts than probably anyone else living in Jackson full-time.


  • Samuel Singer, PhD Science Education

    Executive Director, Stargazing Leader


    Samuel grew up exploring the high desert in Yerington, Nevada, which is where he first fell in love with the night sky. Study for a B.A. in Physics and Astronomy took him to Hampshire College in Amherst Massachusetts. Samuel built a couple Dobsonian telescopes and helped to establish a small observatory at Hampshire College as part of his bachelor’s degree. While at Hampshire, the deciduous forests of the east coast, led Samuel to discover his love for outdoor science education. He earned a Masters in Natural Science– Environment & Natural Resources by way of the Teton Science Schools and the University of Wyoming. Samuel built a second small observatory for the Teton Science Schools in Jackson Hole during his masters program. He has also been recognized by NASA as a volunteer Solar System Ambassador, as well as by the IGES and NASA in their Top Stars program for an astronomy lesson plan he wrote.

    In 2013, Samuel completed his doctorate degree in Science Education from the University of Wyoming. His dissertation research focused on spirituality in outdoor environmental education. After wrapping up his dissertation he founded Wyoming Stargazing as a way to further his passion for helping others explore “the extraordinary in the ordinary”. On his time off, he enjoys meditation, backcountry skiing, rock climbing, and long distance running.

  • Mike Cavaroc, M.F.A.

    Webmaster & Graphic Designer
    Mike Cavaroc

    Mike received his Bachelors and Masters of Fine Arts from Stephen F. Austin State University in 2002 and 2004 respectively. His first glimpse of a real night sky came in 2004, shortly before moving west for the first time. At the same time he was discovering photography, the idea of photographing such a night sky, in addition to the natural world, was beginning to grow more and more intriguing. He moved to Phoenix the same year where the needless urban sprawl introduced him to the concept of light pollution, something that became more and more evident as he escaped the city in favor of mountain vistas and night skies. After seeing his first grizzly bears in 2008, he moved up to Jackson Hole, Wyoming to capture a more intact natural ecosystem as well as a spectacular night sky through his camera. Jackson Hole has been his home ever since where he’s begun educating people on not just the daytime ecosystem, but also life after dark in the region and what light pollution means to both humans and wildlife. His favorite subjects to photograph are wild predators, mountain vistas, and of course, a dark night sky.

  • Stargazing Leaders

Our Stargazing Leaders come from coast to coast every summer to help you explore the heavens. They all have bachelor degrees in Astronomy, Physics, or related fields.  In additional to being brilliant, they are also great story tellers. So, be sure to ask them all your burning questions about the Cosmos.