Private Virtual Stargazing Programs

We make the Universe come alive!

If you can’t make it to Jackson and you still want to have an inspiring and educational experience with the night sky we an offer you one from the comfort of your home during the day or night! We can connect with you via Zoom and share real-time images taken from one of our telescopes in Jackson during the night or with a telescope in South Africa during the day (depending on your home location).

Private Virtual Stargazing

You and your family/friends can stargaze with us from anywhere in the world!

$500 for up to 15 people

How It Works

Introduction to the Equipment

We’ll begin with some basic introductions and a virtual tour of the equipment that we’re using for imaging.

Photographing Deep Space Objects

Then, we’ll begin taking pictures of objects in the night sky including:

  • Star Clusters
  • Nebulae
  • Galaxies

Explaining the Details of Deep Space Objects

While looking at the image of each object we’ll explain what the object is as well as provide details about the distance, size, and composition of the object.

In addition, we’ll use each of those objects to paint a picture of how everything fits together in the Universe.

You’ll learn about how stars create all the heavy elements that exist in their cores through the process of nuclear fusion, how the Solar System is the left over remains of ancient stars that exploded long ago, and about how your body is made of recycled star dust.

By the end of the evening, you’ll have a stronger sense of your connection to the rest of the Cosmos as well as a cohesive story about how the Universe works.

Ask Burning Questions about the Cosmos

Everyone attending gets the opportunity to ask questions about the objects we look at as well as about related astronomical phenomena including, but not limited to:

  • The origin, evolution, and fate of the Universe
  • The evolution of stars and galaxies
  • Planetary system formation
  • Exosolar planets
  • Dwarf planets
  • Life in the Universe
  • Neutron stars
  • Black holes
  • Worm holes
  • Gravitational waves
  • Telescope technology
  • Space exploration

Follow-up with Raw Images and Discounts

The following morning we’ll email you all the images that we took with you.

You can purchase as many additional fully processed images as you like from our website at 20% off.

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M 104-2
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