NGC 7635 – Bubble Nebula

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Discover the captivating deep space vistas of NGC 7635 – Bubble Nebula, through the lens and artistry of Mike Adler. Mike, who serves as the Vice President of the Wyoming Stargazing Board of Directors, skillfully captured and processed these cosmic marvels at his observatory in Jackson Hole. While these celestial portraits may not bear the prestigious Hubble Space Telescope label, their extraordinary beauty reveals a splendor that rivals even the most iconic Hubble images.

You have the option to showcase these celestial treasures in two remarkable formats. Choose to have them expertly printed on high-quality photo paper for a traditional, yet stunning display, or opt for the metal plate printing option to experience something truly extraordinary. If you’ve never beheld an image printed on a metal plate with a glossy coating, you’re in for an enchanting surprise! The resulting effect is akin to the emanation of light directly from the image, creating a visual masterpiece that beckons you to explore the cosmos in a whole new light.

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NGC 7635 – Bubble Nebula, Hubble Palette, NGC 7635 – Bubble Nebula, NGC 7635 – Bubble Nebula, True Color


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