Universe2Go Personal Planetarium Device

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Universe2go is the world’s first smartphone-based AR viewer, demonstrating what is already possible now in the virtual reality and augmented reality world.

  • Representation of all 88 constellations in the sky.
  • Close-ups of planets, galaxies, star clusters and nebulae.
  • Over three hours of audible explanations about the starry sky.
  • The Greek myths linked with the constellations
  • Fun exploration in quiz mode.

This devise works with most smartphones. Find out here if your phone will work with Universe2go during your stargazing program.

Universe2go is an interactive viewer, combining the real starry sky with the digital world. An absolute worldwide novelty! But how does Universe2go do this? The answer lies within the term “Augmented Reality” and the fantastic possibilities of modern Smartphones.

Have you ever stood under the night’s sky and asked yourself: “What are all those stars up there?” Is there anybody who can tell you? The answer is within reach: Universe2go.

In combination with the accompanying Smartphone App this newly developed star viewer shows the stars with a wealth of information and fantastic images. Main feature: Digital information is merged with the image of the real night sky. You are, therefore, not looking at the display, but at a live image of the real starry sky!


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