Snow King Observatory and Planetarium (SKOP)

Our Vision: A Unique Public Observatory & Planetarium in Jackson Hole

As of June 2022 CONSTRUCTION HAS BEGUN!!!  Check out the progress below…


For several years, Wyoming Stargazing has advocated for and promoted an observatory and planetarium on the summit of Snow King Mountain. Now, Snow King Mountain Resort LLC. is bringing that vision to fruition. The facility will be completed by the fall of 2023. The Observatory will have a 24′ AshDome and a 1.0-meter PlaneWave telescope. The telescope will be one of the largest state-of-the-art telescopes in the world dedicated primarily to public outreach. The Facility will also include a Spitz 8-meter digital planetarium with 30-seat capacity, a classroom/theater space, galleries with interactive exhibits, and event space. The facility will be an iconic science learning center in the Rocky Mountain West. The facility will be directed by Dr. Samuel Singer with Wyoming Stargazing staff running the public outreach programming. Wyoming Stargazing hopes to use this facility to reach our goal of impacting 1 million students through in-person and virtual programming by the year 2030.

Construction Progress Livestream and Photos

Our Starlink satellite receiver is having some issues. Starlink is sending us a new one. We’ll have only intermittent streaming capabilities until then. We’ll get it running smoothly again ASAP.