Community Benefits from SKOP

Light Pollution from Town Obscuring Milky Way

Darker Night Skies

With a world-class observatory now sitting above the town of Jackson, Wyoming, it’s more important than ever to ensure that our night skies remain dark by reducing light pollution. The added benefits to this are improved safety, reduced energy use, healthier human and wildlife populations, and preservation of a natural resource. Learn more on our Save Our Night Skies page.

STEAM Education

More STEM Education

Astronomy is one of the easiest fields of science to jump into. Whether you’re in your elder years or a toddler, astronomy grips at the imagination of all ages, igniting our natural curiosity about the world(s) around us. With an observatory and planetarium now easily accessible from town, STEM Education just got even better for our community.

Oxbow Bend at Twilight

Family-Friendly Activities After Dark

While Jackson Hole has an incredibly diverse amount of activities for everyone during the day, options are fairly limited once the sun goes down. Thanks to the observatory and planetarium, everyone now has another fun and educational opportunity aside from stargazing in remote areas of Grand Teton national Park.

Expanding on the Community Benefits

Jackson Hole, Wyoming is an absolute mecca for outdoor recreation and jaw-dropping inspiration. Often overlooked in that discussion, however, is the night sky. As one of the most precious natural resources embedded in our core. It’s been a source of wonder and curiosity since the dawn of humans. With this resource rapidly fading worldwide, it’s more important than ever to protect it while it’s still here. All around Jackson Hole, people of all ages can look up into the night sky and see the same sky that was visible thousands of years ago, complete with a dizzying amount of stars that have inspired and propelled civilization forward for ages. By preserving our night sky we’re not just making it easier to see the stars, we’re making it easier to educate our children, while at the same time igniting the same fascination for adults. Darker night skies means less light pollution, which is healthier for wildlife and people, promotes public saftey, reduces energy use, and more.

But Wait! There’s More!

Because this is a fully-functioning and working observatory, we have the ability to study the night sky above us in even more detail. This means that astronomical discoveries could result from the regular use of this facility. Asteroids, comets, and more could very well be discovered at the Snow King Observatory and Planetarium. This not only puts Jackson Hole, Wyoming on a more scientifically engaged map, but will also bring similarly oriented events and programs with that attention, improving the area’s reputation as more than just an outdoor retreat.

In turn, this creates more year-round jobs for the area, strengthening the local economy. With more year-round jobs, we’ll see more year-round tourism to sustain a more stable workforce. This results in a healthier and more sustainable population able to withstand the dynamic nature of a transient-oriented economy.

In addition, thanks to the state-of-the-art planetarium, you don’t have to wait for clear skies to enjoy the night sky. Operating in all but the most intense storms, the planetarium is open despite cloudy weather.

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