SKOP at a Glance

The PlaneWave Instruments CDK1000

The PlaneWave Instruments CDK 1000 is a remarkable 1-meter telescope, featuring a wide, flat and aberration-free field. With a relatively small observatory footprint, this powerful telescope delivers excellent optical quality. With all elements made from zero-expansion materials, the native aperture is an f/6 focus ratio, reaching f/4.5 with the reducer.

The dual-port Nasmyth focus yields incredible results for stunning deep space imagery. The lightweight mirrors and truss structure make this scope an optimal piece of machinery. With the internal components baffled against glints and internal reflections, the automatic folding covers also contain dew controls for all mirrors.

Speaking of mirrors, all three mirrors are made of fused silica. This fused silica on the 3-element corrector is optimal for high UV transmission. The direct drive motors use compact, stiff, high-accuracy drive systems for unparalleled performance.

The 8-Meter Spitz Space Theater

This state-of-the-art facility features Spitz Planetarium technology and architecture used by numerous other facilities, such as the Griffith Observatory, IMAX, Universal Studios, and many more. Using modern 4K projectors and surround sound system, the space theatre delivers high resolution educational programming on the cosmos and allows images from the telescope to be displayed real-time on the screen.

50 Seat Auditorium

The Auditorium provides opportunities for educational presentations, feature length movie viewing, with a high resolution projector, 100+ inch screen, and an incredible sound system. You also won’t find any classrooms seats as comfortable as these, especially with personalized mini desks connected to the armrests.

Exhibit Gallery

As you enter SKOP your eyes will be drawn to the NOAA’s Science on a Sphere® exhibit prominently located in the center of the exhibit gallery. This digital display system projects visualizations of Earth-based and astronomical data onto a 4-foot diameter sphere to help teach Earth and space science to people of all ages. You’ll also be able to see some of the latest pictures taken by the James Web Space Telescope printed in large format on metal plates as well as some amazing astrophotography prints taken by residents of Jackson.

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