Special Lunar Eclipse Viewing April 14th!

Lunar-eclipse-09-11-2003-croppedHello Fellow Wyoming Stargazers,

On the night of Monday, April 14th there is going to be a Total Lunar Eclipse and Wyoming Stargazing wants to help you experience it for FREE!  We’ll be setting up our telescopes at the Stilson Parking Lot as usual, about 100 yards behind the Start Bus bus stop building, at about midnight. The eclipse begins at that time and reaches totality at about 1am on Tuesday morning. The eclipse ends at about 2am. When the Moon is eclipsed there will be lots of other objects to view in the sky, such as Mars which on the 15th will almost be at its closest approach to Earth this year. We hope to see you out there at Stilson. Please spread the word! 

For more information about the eclipse check out the following NASA website.

Thanks so much to everyone who has already come out to one of our free stargazing events.  We hope you’ll come to this special free event as well.  

Another special thanks to those of you who have left donations for us and/or have written testimonials on our website. Your support is greatly appreciated!  It’s never too late to give us a testimonial or make a donation. If you had a good time attending one of our events, please consider clicking on one or both of the following donation and testimonial links on the Wyoming Stargazing website to show your support.  Thanks!

Clear Skies!


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