Year-Round Stargazing Programs

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you aren’t happy with the program you receive just give us a call and we’ll make it right. 1-844-WYO-STAR

3 things you should know BEFORE booking a program with us!

  • There is a reasonable amount of light pollution in the town of Jackson. So, to give you the best possible experience under dark night skies we need to drive you out into Grant Teton National Park. Please expect between 30-45 min. of driving time in a Teton County Parks and Recreation 15 passenger van or a smaller vehicle to and from the stargazing location. We use both roadside stargazing locations and locations out in the sagebrush. We always prefer the sagebrush locations, but sometimes (when there are muddy roads and during the winter) they are not accessible. In those cases, we’ll do our best to block car headlights with our van, but please expect some light from headlights throughout the evening in those locations. Unfortunately, there is no way to drive up into the Teton Mountains.
  • We want to give you 2 full hours of telescope time shared between the other members of your group, but you can always request to end the program earlier if you’d like. Just let your stargazing leader know when you’re done for the night. The mirrors on the telescopes range in size from 11″ to 20″. Each telescope has its advantages and drawbacks, but all provide great views of sky based objects.
  • There is between 15-30 min. of wait time while your stargazing leader is setting up the telescope at the beginning of the evening and when they are disassembling the equipment at the end of the night. During that time we hope you’ll enjoy the evening twilight while sipping on some hot chocolate or apple cider. We’ll also have some iPads with the StarWalk app so you can begin getting acquainted with what the night sky will look like once it gets dark. Feel free to ask your stargazing leader questions during set up and clean up. They will do their best to answer them while getting the equipment set up as quickly as possible. At the end of the night we’ll have an evaluation for you to fill out in order to help us make our programs even better.

Private Stargazing Programs

Offered Year-Round
(Ages 5 and under are free)
$500 for up to 2 people; $175/person for 3-13 people
(Gratuity NOT included)

Multi-Group Stargazing Programs

Offered June-September Only
(12 person max on each program)
$115/person for adults and children of all ages (up to 9 people/party)
(Gratuity NOT included)

Couple with Milky Way

The Top 5 Reasons to Stargaze in Jackson Hole with Wyoming Stargazing

  • High Elevation: The high elevation in Jackson Hole (6,500ft on the valley floor where we stargaze) means that you’re looking through much less atmosphere than at sea level. That makes the night sky that much clearer.
  • Big Telescopes: We’ll have a big telescope in use during our stargazing programs. That means we can collect a ton of light from distant objects, allowing you to be able to see galaxies millions of light years away!
  • Predictable Weather: The low humidity and predictable weather in Jackson Hole, especially in the summer, means that we have lots of clear night skies. We rarely have to cancel a stargazing program in the summer because of bad weather
  • Stargazing Leaders: Wyoming Stargazing employs knowledgeable stargazing leaders. That means they not only have a huge amount of knowledge of the night sky, but are also very good at explaining the details about what you are looking at.
  • Dark Skies: Jackson Hole is mostly protected, undeveloped public land. That means there is relatively little light pollution, allowing you to see the arms of the Milky Way Galaxy and so much more!

Feel free to give us a call at 1-844-WYO-STAR,
1-844-996-7827, or send us an email with any questions.

Wyoming Stargazing offers year-round stargazing programs at your convenience. Let us come to your private residence or bring you to one of the premiere stargazing locations in Grand Teton National Park. We’ll set up one of our large telescopes and inspire you and your guests by showing you all that the extraordinary night skies of Jackson Hole have to offer! Throughout the night we’ll try to show you planets, stars, nebulae, galaxies, and more.

We’ll have some iPads ready with the Star Walk application on them so you can orient yourself to the night sky as we set up the telescope. You can also use them to continue exploring the heavens while your friends and family are entranced through the telescopes. We’ll also have a smartphone adapter so you can take pictures of the Moon and the brighter planets through our telescope (time dependent).

You can also add-on the use of our Universe2Go Augmented Reality Goggles for $15/person during your program or purchase your own set to take home with you for $65! Details below…

What Is Universe2go?

In combination with the accompanying Smartphone App this newly developed star viewer shows the stars with a wealth of information and fantastic images. Digital information is merged with the image of the real night sky. You are, therefore, not looking at the display, but at a live image of the real starry sky! Universe2go is the world’s first smartphone-based AR viewer, demonstrating what is already possible now in the virtual reality and augmented reality world. You can add the Universe2Go AR experience onto your program for $15/person or purchase a set of the Universe2Go AR goggles to take home with you for $65!

Compared to the often well-attended public stargazing programs we offer, Multi-Group Stargazing (offered only during the summer months) and Private Stargazing (offered year-round) programs give you more individualized attention from our enthusiastic astronomy educators, allowing you to finally get answers to all of the questions you’ve ever had about the Universe. There’s little-to-no wait time to look through our telescopes, which means that during the evening we’ll be able to show you even more of the extraordinary objects in the sparkling night sky!

Itinerary for Private and Multi-Group Stargazing Programs (3-4 hours from pickup to drop off):

  • Hotel pick-ups take place from 7:30pm-9:30pm (depending on the season and the number of pick-ups that evening). We’ll contact you with specific times the day of your program.
  • 30-45 min minute drive to a dark location inside Grand Teton National Park
  • Sip on some hot chocolate or apple cider and explore the sky with the StarWalk app on an iPad while we set up the telescope
  • View the cosmos through a telescope for about 2 hours
  • Sip some more hot chocolate or apple cider and warm up in the van while we pack everything up
  • 30 minute drive back to your hotel

Private Stargazing Programs are just for your family and friends.

Multi-Group Stargazing Programs (offered only during the summer months) include multiple families in the same stargazing program (up to 12 people). The maximum size for a party wanting to do a Multi-Group Stargazing Program is 9 people. For parties of 10 people or more please book a Private Stargazing Program. Please do not split up your group of 10 or more into two groups and book two Multi-Group Stargazing programs. Parties of 10 or more that already know each other prior to the start of the program will be charged the Private Stargazing rate.

At this time we do NOT offer hotel pick-ups for Multi-Group stargazing programs for guests staying at: Colter Bay, Signal Mountain Lodge, Jenny Lake Lodge, or Jackson Lake Lodge. We apologize for the inconvenience. However, if you are staying at those hotels and would like to join a Multi-Group stargazing program you can meet us in front of the public restrooms at the Home Ranch Welcome Center at the corner of Gill and Cache Street in Jackson. If you are staying in Teton Village, the Town of Wilson, or within the city limits of the town of Jackson we would be delighted to pick you up for a Multi-Group Stargazing Program.

Because of road construction on Teton Village Road this year (2018) we are requesting that all guests staying in Wilson and Teton Village meet us at the Stilson Transit Lot at the corner of Teton Village Road and Highway 22.

Feel free to give us a call at 1-844-WYO-STAR,
1-844-996-7827, or send us an email with any questions you have.

If you have any special needs, such as ending the program early, we strongly recommend that you book a private program so that we can accommodate you to the best of our ability.

You can book Private and Multi-Group Stargazing programs with us by clicking on the RESERVE buttons on the right hand column. If you’d like to book over the phone and avoid the non-refundable booking fee, please give us a call at 1-844-996-7827, M-F, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

In the event of inclement weather, we do our best to re-book your program for another night. Please consider booking your program early in your trip so that in the event of a weather issue you have the chance to stargaze another night!

For Private Programs we can pick you up from almost anywhere in Jackson Hole. Wyoming Stargazing also currently has arrangements with numerous resorts and businesses in town with whom you can book trips with us. If you are a guest of one of the hotels listed below, please inquire at the concierge desk about stargazing programs with Wyoming Stargazing.

  • The Lodge at Jackson Hole
  • Rustic Inn
  • Snow King Hotel
  • Spring Creek Ranch
  • Teton Club
  • Teton Springs

WYSG Cancellation and Rebooking Policy

In the event that we have to cancel the stargazing program because of bad weather there is no charge (except for the 6% nonrefundable online booking fee if you booked yourself online). Wyoming Stargazing WILL offer partial refunds if some of the objects that we want to show you get blocked by the clouds. Wyoming Stargazing WILL charge the full amount of the program if the customer decides to cancel or rebook for any reason, except for emergencies, within 48 hours of the scheduled start time of the program. Wyoming Stargazing WILL charge a 5% administration fee if the customer decides to cancel or rebook for any reason, except for emergencies, after booking the program.

Please Trust Us With The Weather

The weather changes rapidly out here. There is no way to know what the weather will be more than a few hours before the start time of your program. We make all weather calls at 7pm. We do not allow re-booking for weather before that deadline. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Jackson Weather and Moon Phase Tips

The weather in Jackson during the summer time is very predictable. We typically get afternoon thunderstorms and cloudy afternoon weather. As the sky begins to get dark and the temperature begins to drop the clouds almost always dissipate, leaving incredibly clear skies for stargazing. Even if it’s still cloudy at 9pm there is a very good chance that by 10pm the skies will be perfectly clear. In the winter, the weather is less predictable here. We get about 70% of our annual precipitation in the form of snow. The storms will come in when they will.

Please also keep in mind that the current phase of the Moon changes the overall brightness of the night sky. During the week preceding the Full Moon some of the more distant objects that we look at get washed out by the brightness of the Moon. The Moon is amazing to see through the telescope and it’s an amazing experience stargazing under the Full Moon, but you won’t get to see the arms of the Milky Way Galaxy or much detail in deep space objects if your stargazing program occurs five days before the Full Moon and two days after it.

Preparing for Your Program

The heat of the summer days we have here in Jackson can be deceiving – the temperature can drop down to below 40°F at night! Please remember to dress warmly. In the summer you should wear long pants, a warm jacket, closed toed shoes with thick socks, and a hat. In the winter you should dress like you’re going skiing. In addition, our large telescopes require the use of a ladder to observe. Please contact us if you or anyone in your party cannot use a ladder so that we may accommodate your specific needs.

Private and Multi-Group Stargazing Programs Include:

  • More time spent looking through a large telescope
  • Opportunity to see additional deep space objects
  • More individualized attention from a highly qualified Astronomy Guide
  • Use of the Star Walk app on each iPad and augmented reality goggles from Universe2go
  • Camping chairs to sit back and enjoy the night sky
  • Blankets to keep you warm
  • Bottled water to keep you hydrated
  • Hot chocolate and apple cider to warm you up even more

Private Stargazing Programs

Offered Year-Round
(Ages 5 and under are free)
$500 for up to 2 people; $15/person for 3-13 people

Multi-Group Stargazing Programs

Offered June-September Only
(12 person max on each program)
$115/person for adults and children of all ages (up to 9 people/party)

Larger Groups

Wyoming Stargazing offers our services at weddings, conferences, dinner parties, and other events. Please give us a call or send us an email to discuss details and pricing.

Weddings and Large Events

Let us bring you the universe on your special day!

Wyoming Stargazing has begun offering our services for weddings and other large events. Stargazing is the perfect way to make your event unique and memorable for your guests. Join others who have been blown away by amazing views of the Universe.

“We used Wyoming Stargazing at my daughter’s September wedding, and it was a hit! The telescope was set up next to an outdoor fire pit with blankets, roasted marshmallows and hot drinks, while we enjoyed the crisp fall evening. It was a intimate scene for those who wanted a break from the dance floor. Guests were able to attach their phone to the telescope and capture a photo of the moon from this special night. Many of our friends and family still use this image of the moon as their screen saver. It was a special touch to a perfect day!”
–Kitty Resor

IMG_1583 (Large)

Please give us a call or send us an email to reserve us for your special day!