Virtual and Indoor Astronomy Presentations

Let us bring you the Universe to you in your classroom, conference room, or virtually!

Most of our programs take place outside in the evening, but if evenings don’t work for you, Wyoming Stargazing can offer indoor astronomy Presentations and lectures focused on the topic of your choosing. Whether it be an adult audience or a classroom of elementary school students, the educators at Wyoming Stargazing will wow them with the wonders of the Universe! These programs include lecture style programs, engaging classroom-based projects, indoor and outdoor kinesthetic activities that engage the whole body, planetarium programs and solar astronomy programs.

Solar Astronomy Programs

See the Sun (safely) like you’ve never seen it before!

There is no need to wait until 2024 for the next total solar eclipse that will pass through the US to enjoy looking at our closest star, the Sun. Using our solar telescopes we’ll safely show you sunspots, solar prominances, and explain all the incredible details of our life giving star.

Our solar astronomy programs can be run any day of the year as long as the Sun is shining! Whether in the winter or summer, we’re always ready to safely get you up close and personal with our closest star.

Planetarium Programs

Join us for a virtual tour of the Cosmos!

digital dome inside for indoor Astronomy Presentations

Another kind of Indoor Astronomy Presentation we offer is our Our Digital Planetarium System brings the Universe right to your finger tips. We’ll show you detailed drawings of all the constellations, give you tips on how to find them in the night sky, and animate their motion so you can see how they change throughout the night and during the course of a year. We’ll also show you the planets and other objects visible to the naked eye this time of year. Then, we’ll fly through the Solar System and zoom in to amazing detail on planets, moons, and comets. Next, we’ll explore deep space and check out galaxies, globular clusters, nebulae, and more. Finally, we’ll show you a 15-25 minute full dome film about one of several different astronomical topics.

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