Night Sky Photo Package

Want to leave your stargazing program

with more than just extraordinary memories?

Add the Night Sky Photo Package as an incredible memento to your program and we’ll use one of our special DSLR cameras to take a series of photographs of the night sky as well as of you with our telescopes and the Milky Way (if the conditions allow). Below are some examples of pictures that we take and send to you via a Google Drive link.

What you get with the Night Sky Photo Package:

  • 8 good shots of the horizon in each of the cardinal directions in landscape and portrait orientation
  • 4 good shots of you and your group around the telescope with the Tetons in the background in one shot and the starry night sky with the Milky Way (if possible) in the other in both landscape and portrait orientation.
  • 12 additional good creative shots that you get to request that can include pointing our laser pointers up the sky, posing while looking through the telescope, standing in front of the WYSG logo on the van, artistic shots of foreground trees, and other fun with the laser pointers and our headlamps.

Please note that the brightness of the Moon is the biggest factor that determines how dark the night sky is. If the Moon is more than half full it will not allow us to photograph most of the stars in the sky nor the Milky Way. The pictures on the top row are examples of what you get with a nearly Full Moon with a 5-10 second exposure, which makes the landscape look like its daytime! They are still cool shots, but nothing like the pictures in the third and fourth rows, which are examples of what we can do when there is no Moon in the sky at all with a 30 second exposure. The pictures in the second row are examples of our creative shots.

Please take a look using the following link to see what the phase of the Moon will be when you intend to stargaze with us so you know what to expect from the Night Sky Photo Package.