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The Old Bill’s Giving Period has ended, but we’ll keep you up to date on our progress towards our goal until we’ve officially met the mark! You can still donate to Wyoming Stargazing through our zero fee PayPal Giving Fund Account.

Goal: 360 Donations

As Wyoming Stargazing approaches our 10 year anniversary next year we are excited to bring our vision to fruition of establishing an observatory and planetarium in Jackson Hole. We are also celebrating other recent milestones having offered over 3,000 programs to over 60,000 people! We’ve also come full circle with returning to how it all started by offering free weekly public stargazing programs at the Stilson Transit Center. 

Astronomy is full of circles, cycles, and spheres from planetary orbits to the shapes of stars to the event horizon around black holes. There is some really cool history behind how 360 degrees was established! We’re drawing inspiration from those cosmic arrangements for this year’s Old Bill’s giving season. Our goal is to have 360 donors, one for each of a circle’s 360 degrees. Watch our logos fill up with color as we reach our goals!

Goal: $30,000

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Check out some photos from recent public programs: