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How to Support Us

Donate Through the PayPal Giving Fund

Wyoming Stargazing needs YOUR HELP to meet our $15,000 year-end fundraising goal!

The year-end campaign helps us keep costs low so Teton County students, teachers and the general public can participate in our astronomy programs for FREE or at very reduced costs.

With help from supporters like you, Wyoming Stargazing has given the gift of more than 30 astronomy education programs to 3,000 students in Teton County schools, and nearly 300 free community astronomy programs for learners of all ages. 

    • That’s 3,000 kids looking up at the stars instead of down at their screens.
    • That’s 300 opportunities to admire the extraordinary Teton skies together with the community.
    • That’s 30 different chances for teachers to learn how to teach about our Universe to their students.
    • Whether you give $3 or $3,000, every gift makes it possible to explore the extraordinary in the ordinary. And we can’t do it without you.

PayPal Giving Fund:Click on the donate button below to make a secure donation to Wyoming Stargazing using the PayPal Giving Fund. 100% of your donation will come to Wyoming Stargazing and you’ll receive a tax-deductible receipt directly from PayPal.

You can also make your tax-deductible gift (Federal Tax ID#: 46-3183809) via check by sending it to:

Wyoming Stargazing
P.O. Box 9584
Jackson, WY 83002

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Book a Stargazing Program

There’s nothing we love more than teaching people about the night sky. Using the fantastic night skies found in Grand Teton National Park, we’ll teach about the wonders of the Universe while letting you peer into some of the deepest reaches of our own galaxy, and even a few galaxies beyond our own!

It winds up being a win-win for everyone. You come away with a much more extensive appreciation of the wonders of the Universe and we are become better able to share a similar experience with the rest of the public.

Private Stargazing Programs

Offered Year-Round
(Ages 5 and under are free)
$500 for up to 2 people; $175/person for 3-13 people
(Gratuity NOT included)


Multi-Group Stargazing Programs

Offered June-September Only
(12 person max on each program)
$115/person for adults and children of all ages (up to 9 people/party)
(Gratuity NOT included)

Don’t Forget to Leave a Review

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As Wyoming Stargazing begins to offer free programming for the Jackson Hole Community we need your astronomical and educational skills to run those programs. We also need help on the business development and marketing side of Wyoming Stargazing. Furthermore, we need to add additional members to our Board of Directors. If you have the time and any skills that you think might be valuable to Wyoming Stargazing please let us know.

Friends of Wyoming Stargazing

Join hundreds of donors thus far in helping to further science education and literacy in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Here are some people without whom we wouldn’t be where we are:

  • Tracy Logan
  • Liz Reed
  • Howie Singer
  • Rachel Crowe
  • Alexis Carroll
  • Dr. Laura Wenk
  • Val Stepien
  • Dr. Mandeep S. S. Gill
  • Lindsey Sanders
  • Pablo Marvel
  • Karen Koblitz
  • Beverly Singer
  • Claire Lukens
  • Leah Yandow
  • Natalie Singer
  • James Greene
  • Nadia Singer
  • Tatiana Rodriguez
  • Jerry Palomo
  • Gaia Marrs
  • Matt Enlow
  • Stephan Palmer
  • Lisa Robertson
  • Jay Eastley
  • Dr. Diana Wiig
  • Patty Yandow
  • James Erdmann
  • Beth Howard
  • Charles Grayson
  • Donna Hustace
  • Andrea Mazer
  • Parkway Southwest
  • Quiznos
  • Bill Reser
  • Rick Bunker
  • Helen Gurina
  • Castel Valere-Couturier
  • Mike Cavaroc
  • Dawn Anderson
  • Mike Adler
  • Samuel Singer
  • Amira Burns
  • Donna Malone
  • Theresa Bedoya
  • Nancy Eaton
  • Sue Theise
  • Gary Winter and Barbara Ann
  • Cathy Bloun
  • Eric Balsa
  • Barb Kleyman
  • Scott Anderson
  • Keelan Schupman
  • Mark Newcomb
  • Lin Ann Heffner
  • Stephen Hoff
  • Alexander Muromcew
  • Linda Wasserman
  • Susan Blasko
  • Phyllis Green
  • Ian Edwards
  • Benjamin Cohen
  • Dawn Anderson
  • Mark Newcomb
  • Rebecca Spitz
  • Gibbs Smith
  • Wyoming Karate Club
  • Robert P. Warburton
  • V. Norene Christensen
  • Roger and Juanita Yim
  • Oriana Hurwit
  • Denna Nelson
  • Derek Kaufman
  • Cherly Klauss
  • Brad Mead
  • Max Chapman
  • …and more than 2,000 other anonymous donors!