The Northern Lights – Looking Up Episode #2

The Northern Lights – Looking Up Episode #2

This week’s episode of Looking Up we’re talking all about the Northern Lights. We’ll be discussing the science behind the Aurora, as well as the significance of the Northern Lights throughout history. Tune in and find out when you’ll be able to see this light show next. If you’re interested in learning more about the […]

100 Days Until Totality! 4 Days Left – Grand Teton National Park Offers Official Eclipse Viewing Location from

MOOSE, WY-Grand Teton National Park managers expect August 21, 2017–the day of the Total Solar Eclipse Across America–to be the busiest single day in the history of the park. Visitors to the park on eclipse day can ensure a successful viewing experience by developing a plan and heeding a few simple guidelines. Complete eclipse viewing […]

100 Days Until Totality! 27 Days Left – Seeing in the Dark

The most spectacular moment of a solar eclipse is undeniably the few coveted minutes of totality. When the moon blocks our view of the sun, the excitement begins and the sky goes dark. But just how dark? Dark enough to drop temperatures significantly and see the sun’s atmospheric layer, the corona. What’s more, is we […]