A Wyoming Stargazing Tour Time-Lapse

A Wyoming Stargazing Tour Time-Lapse

Ever wondered what a Wyoming Stargazing tour would look like as a time-lapse? I used to also. Then I made the video below.

Back in September, the media went buzzing with the prospect of northern lights and how they were going to wow the socks off of the lower 48! They never showed up though. Not even the newsletter we sent out that day could coax the auroras down south (we tried). Hoping for a time-lapse of stargazing below the northern lights, I set my gear up and captured a time-lapse that night regardless. Early in the video, there is a faint pink glow on the northern horizon, but it fades fairly quickly. Toward the end, the landscape becomes lit up as the moon rises in the east. Throughout the video, you can see us making good use of our laser pointers as the occasional car drives by, also lighting up the landscape from the east.

The time-lapse on its own seemed like it needed some noise in the background, so I threw together a little track to go with it.

Summer Kick-off Raffle

Rick's winningsEven though summer isn’t officially here for another couple of weeks, it sure has felt like summer here in Jackson. So, Wyoming Stargazing kicked off our Summer Session of Stargazing at Stilson this past Wednesday by holding two raffles to win a 6″ Donsobian telescope and a first generation iPad.

We had a perfectly cloudless night with Boreal Chorus Frogs serenading us in the background. Everyone who attended was able to see the craters on the Moon, the cloud bands of Jupiter, the Rings of Saturn, the Ring Nebula, the Hercules Globular Cluster, Bode’s Galaxy, the Cigar Galaxy, and even the distant Whirlpool Galaxy. At the end of the evening we drew the lucky winners of the raffle. Congratulations to Rick Bunker who was drawn as the winner for both the telescope and the the iPad!! Thanks so much for everyone who entered the raffle in person and on-line. Your generous donations will go towards continuing our free stargazing programs and to realizing our vision of creating a public observatory and planetarium in Jackson Hole.