The Northern Lights – Looking Up Episode #2

The Northern Lights – Looking Up Episode #2

This week’s episode of Looking Up we’re talking all about the Northern Lights. We’ll be discussing the science behind the Aurora, as well as the significance of the Northern Lights throughout history. Tune in and find out when you’ll be able to see this light show next. If you’re interested in learning more about the […]

100 Days Until Totality! 14 Days Left – Tips for Residents from

Eclipse Begins Monday, August 21, 2017, at 10:16am Anticipated Community Impact Days:Thursday, 08/17 – Tuesday, 08/22 •Area roadways will likely be congested and regular routes are subject to temporary restrictions, visit for additional information; traffic signs will provide up-to-date information on specific roadways. •Be prepared for heavy bicycle traffic. Please remember to share the […]

100 Days Until Totality! 19 Days Left – Teton County Library Eclipse Glasses – Bound To Go Fast + Tonight! Get some eclipse tips in Alta, Wy. Published from

Yep, we hope you heard it here first, or perhaps from our friends at the Teton County Library, but effective August 1, regular residents and citizens of Teton County, WY with checkouts can scoop up their very own eclipse glasses for free-because it’s the library of course! Be sure to act fast, as insiders say […]

100 Days Until Totality! 27 Days Left – Seeing in the Dark

The most spectacular moment of a solar eclipse is undeniably the few coveted minutes of totality. When the moon blocks our view of the sun, the excitement begins and the sky goes dark. But just how dark? Dark enough to drop temperatures significantly and see the sun’s atmospheric layer, the corona. What’s more, is we […]

100 Days Until Totality! 31 Days Left – Jackson Hole as expressed by

Wyoming’s wild, beautiful, geologically significant, northwestern location on the map encompasses a large and ecologically diverse area more commonly known as Jackson Hole. Within the surrounding Greater Yellowstone Region including Grand Teton National Park the Bridger-Teton National Forest, and National Elk Refuge, rests peaceful, thriving and notably preserved Jackson, Wyoming. A wide open valley anchored […]