Behind the Telescope – Our Work in Jackson, Wyoming

Comet NEOWISE is awesome!!!

Comet NEOWISE has turned out to be the most charismatic comet in the last decade. Over the next few nights it’s going to get higher and higher in the sky. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you really should. It’s easily visible to the naked eye from Jackson and from most of the Northern […]

100 Days Until Totality Blog Series Launch!

Welcome to Wyoming Stargazing’s 100 Days Until Totality Blog Series! Today marks 100 days until the “Great American Eclipse”. We hope you are as excited about this summer’s eclipse as we are. Each day for the next 100 days we will post a small and digestible amount of information about the upcoming total solar eclipse […]

Looking Forward to the Great American Eclipse

Dr. Samuel Singer of Wyoming Stargazing discussed his public programs within Wyoming Stargazing and also the upcoming Solar Eclipse. The eclipse will be on August 21st and the town of Jackson is already booked to capacity for the occasion. We discussed the science behind the eclipse and why people are so excited to travel out […]