Telescope and Planetarium Rentals

Lead Your Own Stargazing Programs!

If you are not an experienced amateur astronomer that REALLY knows how to use telescopes please stop here! We cannot teach you how to use one of these telescopes without you having ample experience.

Please consider one of our guided programs instead.

If you already know your stuff with stargazing and just couldn’t fit your telescope into your luggage or if you just haven’t had the chance to buy your own telescope, Wyoming Stargazing has got you covered. We have a limited number of portable and easy to use telescopes that you can rent from us for just one evening or for a whole week. You can rent telescopes that are great for night time stargazing to view the Moon, planets, and deep space objects, or telescopes that can be used for solar astronomy during the day to see sunspots, solar prominence, and more.

The night time stargazing telescopes that we rent are Classical Dobsonian telescopes with 10 inch primary mirrors (pictured top right). They all have a Telrad Spotting Scopes attached to them, which makes pointing the telescope towards objects much easier!

The solar telescopes that we rent are Coronado h-alpha telescopes and iOptron Solar 60 telescopes.

Each telescope rental comes with:

  • A set of plossl eyepieces from 9mm to 40mm
  • A How-to Guide
  • A set of sky charts designed to be used with the Telrad Spotting Scopes
  • A list of suggested objects to view
  • 30-min demo with one of our staff when you pick up your equipment

Rental Pricing

  • Half-Day Rentals (solar telescopes only): $50
  • 24-Hour Rentals (solar telescopes or stargazing telescopes): $100
  • 7-Day Solar Telescope Rental: $500
  • 7-Day Stargazing Telescope Rental: $500
  • Rent one of our augmented reality Universe2go goggles for just $10/day or BUY one for $50!

Rent A Telescope

Please give us a call or send us an email with any questions about your telescope rental.

Rentals must be picked up from and returned to our office at 1135 Maple Way Unit 1 between 12pm-5pm.

Scopes at SCR 2

Rent the Dark Sky Pavilion and the Digital Planetarium!

Wyoming Stargazing’s Dark Sky Pavilion (pictured below) was designed by local artist Natalie Clark and designer Jakub Galczynski. The Pavilion is a robust, inflatable, and weatherproof structure that is great for sleepovers, birthday parties, BBQs, or any festive occasions. You can rent the Pavilion as an outdoor gathering space during the day or as an over-sized tent for backyard camping with space for up to 20 people at night.

Wyoming Stargazing will deliver, set-up, and take down the Pavilion for you. Space requirements are 30 ft x 30 ft of flat, smooth ground.

Wyoming Stargazing’s Digital Planetarium System (pictured on the right) is a portable space theater that brings the Universe right to your finger tips. See detailed drawings of all the constellations and watch them move through the sky. Fly through the Solar System and zoom in to amazing detail on planets, moons, and comets. Then, explore deep space and check out galaxies, globular clusters, nebulae, and more. You can also choose from thousands of full dome movies about astronomy and almost anything else. The Planetarium is mainly used indoors for up to 30 people at a time, but with the addition of the Dark Sky Pavilion it can be used outdoors as well.

Wyoming Stargazing will deliver, set-up, and take down the Digital Planetarium System for you. Indoor space requirements are 16 ft x 6 ft of flat ground with 15 feet of ceiling clearance.

Rental Pricing

  • Dark Sky Pavilion: $500 (delivered and set up)
  • Digital Planetarium: $375 (delivered and set up) + optional $125 for a facilitated program
  • Dark Sky Pavilion + the Digital Planetarium: $725 + optional $125 for a facilitated program

Please give us a call or send us an email to reserve the Pavilion or Planetarium today.