Tonight’s Weather Forecast

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Jackson Weather Tips

The weather in Jackson during the summer time is more predictable than during the winter. During the summer, we typically get afternoon thunderstorms and cloudy afternoon weather. As the sky begins to get dark and the temperature begins to drop the clouds almost always dissipate, leaving incredibly clear skies for stargazing. Even if it’s still cloudy at 9pm there is a very good chance that by 10pm the skies will be perfectly clear. In the winter, the weather is less predictable. We get about 70% of our annual precipitation in the form of snow. The storms will come in when they will.

Despite a certain level of predictability, there is really no way to know what the weather will be more than a few hours before the start time of your program. We make all weather decisions at 7pm. We’ll make the best determination on whether we should run your program or not based on as much data as possible. We want you to have a great time with us so we won’t send you out there unless we think it’s going to be worth your time and money. We do not allow guests to re-book for weather before that deadline. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Standard Weather Forecast

Below is the local forecast from local meteorologist, Jim Woodmencey. This will give you a general idea of tonight’s conditions.

Mountain Weather: Jackson Hole Forecast

Cloud Cover

Below is a much more detailed forecast from Clear Dark Sky for all you stargazing aficionados. It shows hourly cloud cover, transparency, and seeing conditions. Dark Blue squares on the Cloud Cover line mean the skies are clear. White squares on the Cloud Cover line mean it’s cloudy.

Clear Sky Chart: Jackson Hole

Moon Phase

The link below will show you the current phase of the Moon. The phase of the Moon has a big effect on the overall brightness of the sky. When the Moon is new the sky is really dark. When the Moon is full the sky is much brighter; deep space objects and the Milky Way are much harder to see when the Moon is full.

Current Phase of the Moon

Air Quality

The link below will show you current air quality conditions. Particularly in late summer prevailing winds can blow smoke into Jackson Hole. Although the smoke is much more transparent at night when it is not refracting sunlight it does make some of the distant, faint objects in the sky appear somewhat fainter.

Fire and Smoke Map for Jackson, WY and surrounding area

Northern Lights

Below is a link for a prediction of seeing northern lights. The Kp-index in the upper left hand corner of this page on the on website needs to be at least a 6 to have any chance of seeing Northern Lights.

Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) Prediction