Wyncote Academy

Wyncote Academy 2Although the clouds didn’t cooperate this week for Stargazing at Stilson, last week we had by far our biggest turnout of over 30 people thanks to a visit from Wyncote Academy from Philadelphia.  The group of high school students were on a tour of Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone when they heard about our stargazing programs.  After a little trouble finding the location they arrived and were extremely enthusiastic.  Their lead teacher Howard Schatz said about his students,” their inquisitiveness piqued and their imaginations engaged.  For as you know, Einstein said, ‘The  true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination’.  The combination of inquisitiveness and imagination is the path to the frontier of knowledge.”  For some of these students it was the first time that they had ever seen the rings of Saturn, or the moon of Jupiter, let along galaxies millions of light years away.  Although it was quite dark that night, it was easy to hear their enthusiasm. The word of the night was “bitch’n!” It was so wonderful to have a large group of students who were so enthralled with seeing objects in the night sky.  That’s what I live for!


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