Wyoming Stargazing will be at WILDScience this weekend!

Solar Telescopes

Are you excited for Jackson Hole’s first ever science festival at the Center for the Arts, Oct. 3-5? Wyoming Stargazing will be there!

On Friday at 10 am, after the welcome presentation in the auditorium, Sam Singer will lead a round table activity on Kinesthetic Astronomy, where kids will learn about the phases of the moon by putting on T-shirts and pretending to be the sun, moon and Earth.

On Saturday at 1 pm, Sam Singer will give a presentation on general astronomy called “Extraordinary Wyoming Skies” aimed at families.

We should also be around all weekend with our solar telescopes to watch the sun in the middle of the day, and of course at Stilson parking lot on Friday night to watch the stars as we do every clear Friday night!

There’s so much to choose from! Or just come join us for all of it! Look for us in the Black Zone for Astronomy and don’t forget to check out the other awesome speakers and events going on that weekend. Science!!

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